Super Science Fair Projects…Breaking News: Earth-like Planets Exist Else Where

For thousands of years we have assumed that the Earth was a unique chunk of rock, however, recent research suggests that this may not be true. Science fiction stories and movies have played around with the possibility that we are not alone in the universe and with the possibility that other Earth-like planets exist. Today we are almost positive that both of these concepts are possibilities.

A recent study that used NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope discovered that a significant percentage of nearby sun-like stars have dust clouds that orbit them. This means that the building materials for Earth-like planets are present and this increases the chances that such a planet may be developing or may have already developed. According to the findings of this study, there should be Earth-like planets in between 10 and 62 percent of the sun-like star orbits.

If you are planning a solar system unit, then it is important that you supplement your discussions with new findings like the ones mentioned in this posting. The problem with using text books to teach evolutionary classes like science, is that by the time the text has been written, edited, published and distributed, the information is already out-of-date. That is why you need to supplement text books with current science events, news articles and findings.

Science news blurbs can be great sources for outstanding science fair project ideas in addition to in class science projects and demonstrations. For help finding science news summaries and ideas about designing and developing science fair projects, return to this blog each Friday.

7 thoughts on “Super Science Fair Projects…Breaking News: Earth-like Planets Exist Else Where

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  3. Rom @ Pet Meds says:

    You could just imagine how many billion stars there are in the galaxy! In each star there are planets in its solar system. If you ask me. I believe there are planets like earth out there and possibly even other lifeforms that exists.

  4. Kenami Boto says:

    Finding Earth-like planets has been one of the most exciting pieces of news in many, many years. Imagine the possibilities.

  5. John says:

    I have always thought that we must not be alone in the universe, if you think about it. The size of the universe is bigger than any of us can comprehend so the thought of being alone is such a large enviroment is folly to me.

  6. Astronomy & Universe says:

    Well, we do know that there lies a possibility that planets like ours could exist somewhere in the universe,

    But we just lack observational evidence, which I doubt will be found sooner at the current speed of development, Therefore we need new ways to explore the universe with sophisticated astronomy issues.

  7. JohnB@breaking news says:

    With the sheer number of stars in the milkyway galaxy alone it seems highly likely that we are not the only planet with some form of life on it.

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