Scientific Method for Kids: Science Fiction or Science Fact?

How to Use Fiction to Springboard Science Fair Ideas

This week I’d like us all to think outside of the box when thinking up terrific science fair projects and think of using the scientific method for kids using science fiction. I’d like you to think about your favorite science fiction novel or television series. What theories and concepts do these sources use that have yet to be applied to modern living. For example, time travel and warp speed.

The first type of DIY scientific method of kids science fair projects that you can develop using science fiction as your inspiration is to look at what science fiction concepts of the past have been proven to be true or valid technologies. For example, space travel was a major theme for science fiction before the 19th century. Today it is a very real technology. Build your project around how past science fiction theories were proven and how these technologies can be further developed. You can also build working models of some of the concepts that have been proven, like a model rocket, space craft, etc. This may take you into the exciting realm of doing an Engineering Design Process science fair project.

The second type of science fiction science fair project that you can develop is one that looks at how you can prove a current science fiction theme. This project genre can be tricky as you will have to apply the scientific method to abstract ideas. However, you can use current research findings to help support the notion that some of these fictional theories could be proven true in the near future. If you want, you can even try to find a way to prove a science fiction theme that is actually science fact.

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3 thoughts on “Scientific Method for Kids: Science Fiction or Science Fact?

  1. Sara@Professional Photo Printers says:

    Science projects are a great learning tool for kids. I know back when I was in high school I did my first science project and I felt that I had accomplished so much. It makes kids and students really use your thinking skills to develop their interests for the future.

  2. Nadine@Cheap Inkjet Ink says:

    This article reminds me of when I was a kid, I joined the science club in my school. It was a great learning experience and I did enjoy it back then. I think it’s not fiction, because the material is taken from a national science source.

  3. Patty@Baby Lamps says:

    Science needs to be an integral part of our education. I know from a personal experience I love science, in particular science projects we did in high school. They are such great learning tool.

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