Snap It Now With Videoscopes for Microscopes

Microscope Video Cameras

Have fun with videoscopes for microscopes that are mounted in the place of the ocular lens and are then connected to a computer. They allow the viewers to have a live image of the specimen in its current magnification on the right in the computer monitor.

The functions of the microscope are intact but the only difference is that the image is seen on the monitor thus giving everyone in the classroom a view of the specimen from only one microscope.

Benefits of Videoscopes for Microscopes

First time microscope users like youngsters in grade school may need a lot of assistance to see what is there to be seen in the microscope.

This is even when the teacher already mounts a prepared slide for viewing.

Videoscopes for microscopes provides a lot more viewing function in a digital or compound microscope in such a way that, the teacher gets more chance to impart the lesson to his/her students while the students get the enthusiasm and interest in the lesson.

Moreover, here are the benefits of having videoscopes for microscopes in a classroom:

  1. Less number of microscopes used. One compound or stereomicroscope is enough for the rest of the class as the videoscope allows the whole class to see the specimen altogether through the computer monitor.
  2. Less time required for mounting a slide. Only one person (the teacher) will set-up the microscope and the videoscope, will the mount a slide, and do knob adjustments so everyone can see the specimen/s to be used by the class.
  3. More focus on the lesson. Teacher and students can focus the lesson of the day in the learning part than on the “microscope” adjusting part. Taking turns in using a single microscope can cause a lot of time even when students are grouped in pairs.

Aside from the above mentioned benefits of having videoscopes for microscopes handy for microscopy, there are two more things that make having the device worth it.

Videoscopes for microscopes are not only for viewing. They also allow video recording and image capturing in the most decent resolutions. Speaking of resolutions, the eyepiece of a videoscope comes in 3 different resolutions to choose from.

Videoscopes for microscopes are a must have in every science classroom. Of course, microscopy is one of the most activities in a science class. With these devices microscopy gets more interesting plus more.

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