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Sannjay, 8th grade, from Canada did a solar engineering solar electricity science fair project video. The video images are amazing.


Project Nikola is a solar charging prototype that uses a combination of solar and ultraviolet energy to provide power for an array of devices, eliminating the need for wall outlets. There are 2 models: Nikola+ and NikolaLite. Nikola+ outputs more power from solar/ultraviolet energy sources, charging multiple devices at once. NikolaLite focuses on portability, charging devices on the go. Project Nikola opts for clean, renewable energy sources to deliver peak performance and maintain an exceptional environmental standard. Ultimately, the goal of Project Nikola is to design a simple yet effective concept/idea that contributes towards a sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

The above video depicts two friends, Steve and Alex, ready to capture a beautiful sunset with their phones only for their batteries to deplete. The sun sparks inspiration for Steve’s creation after he learns about the power and capability of solar energy. Steve, venturing his imagination, creates Project Nikola. He indulges inside the creation process of project Nikola, one of the most important aspects of the Engineering Design Process. The next time Steve and Alex encounter a sunset, Steve’s phone battery was at the brink of depleting, only for his creation to save the day and charge his phone. With the help of Project Nikola, Steve and Alex finally get to capture a beautiful sunset atop a bridge

SCRIPT For Solar Engineering Solar Electricity Science Fair Project Video

The scene starts off with 2 children biking and taking photos near a bridge.

Steve: Wow it’s so perfect! The sunset looks awesome.

Alex: Quick bro, take a picture of it!

Steve: This is going to be the best picture ev- (*battery from his phone runs out* )

Alex: What’s wrong?

Steve: (*Steve looks at phone*) It’s dead.

Alex: Are you kidding me? Out of all times, now?!?

Alex: Cheer up. We can always take a picture next time.

Alex: Come on, let’s go home.

Steve: Alright. (*they both walk their way home*) (In his backyard, Steve lays on the floor and looks at the sun, while Alex does some gardening.)

Alex: Hey bro, what’s on your mind?

Steve: Imagine if I took that picture. It would’ve been awesome.

Alex: Yeah. That sunset was perfect. The sun is one of the greatest stars of all time.

Steve: Oh yeah, why do you think so?

Alex: Well, out of all the other stars in the whole solar system, the sun helps us the most. It lights up the world so we can see. It heats us up, even on those cold, chilly days.

Steve: I guess you’re right.

Alex: Also, my friend told me that their parents use something called solar electricity.

Steve: Solar electricity? What’s that?

Alex: Solar electricity is electricity converted from the sun’s energy using solar panels.

Steve: What are solar panels?

Alex: Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and turn it into electricity which can be used to power many things.

Steve: Where can I get a solar panel?

Alex: I remember seeing one at the electronics shop. They’re pretty cheap.
(*Steve dashes out of the house and around the neighborhood in search of the electronics shop*)

Steve panting: Hey, you got one of those solar panel things?

Electronics shop owner: No problem, kid. Which one do you want?

Steve: Good enough to charge up a phone.

Electronics shop owner: If you need to charge up a phone, I suggest you take one of these with you.

Steve: What’s that?

Electronics shop owner: It takes the solar panel’s electricity and converts it to work with your phone. All you’ve got to do is plug your phone in here and leave it near the sun to charge.

Electronics shop owner: Your total will be 10 bucks.

Steve: Thanks so much!

Electronics shop owner: Glad to help you out kid.

(*Steve goes to his room*)

Steve: Firstly, a solar panel is used to gather the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. Then, it goes straight to a phone to charge it. Aww, that’s awesome!

Steve: But wait, what if it’s not sunny all the time?

Steve: The battery bank connects to the solar panel and holds all of the sun’s converted energy. From thereon, I connect a hub to plug in and charge all my devices at once. So, from solar panel, to battery bank, to hub. Aww, that’s even more awesome!

Steve: Now for a little touch of paint, and there!

Alex: Hey, what you got there?

Steve: Presenting, project nikola!

Alex: What does it do? Steve: It charges multiple devices all at once, without the need of plugging them in at all. Alex: Is that a solar panel?

Steve: You bet it is.

Alex: Wow! That’s awesome! Can I charge my phone right now?

Steve: Of course you can!

Alex: So cool!

(*Scene 2 starts with Steve and Alex walking to the same bridge*)

Steve: My phone’s gonna die soon!

Alex: Alrighty then.

Steve: Perfect.

Steve: Hey, look at that Sunset! Steve: Wow it’s just marvelous!

Alex: Quick bro, take a picture of it!

Steve: This is going to be the best picture ever.

Alex: All thanks to Project Nikola.

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