The Scientific Method Concludes with Suggestions for Further Research

The Scientific Method and Importance of Further Research

The final step in the scientific method is to make suggestions for further research that still needs to be done. This step is important because it highlights the limitations of your findings and focus other researchers efforts on what you think still needs to be explored. Some students skimp on this section, but you don’t want to do this. This final element in your science fair project report can earn you extra points with the judges and help push your project’s score above the competition.

Making suggestions at the end of your science fair project written report for further research will definitely distinguish your project as a really good project, while those that forget this step will inevitably be classified as a really bad science fair project. To start with you will want to suggest research that will fill in gaps of information on your topic. You can get ideas about what the gaps are by reviewing your background research.

The rest of the suggestions for further research will need to be based on your experiment and on the data that you collected. For example, since your project is a student science project it most likely had a limited amount of data collected. You can therefore recommend that other researchers expand on your experiment’s design by collecting more data. Another common suggestion is to suggest new experiments that are better designed than your experiment was. For example, if you noticed after the fact, that your experiment had a flaw, then you can suggest that the next experiment make adjustments or focus on a different variable.

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