Summer Slide Activities Program Week 3 – Preventing Brain Drain

Summer Slide Activities Week 3 PreSchool thru High School

We are onto the Free Summer Slide Activities Program – Week 3. What did you like about last weeks activities? If you haven’t enrolled already, you still can do so in the form below.

I came across an article on the Brookings Institute website and written by David M. Quinn and Morgan Polikoff. The article begins with a series of disappointing—but unsurprising—statistics about the summer slide, a term used to describe the academic regression experienced by students over the summer.

In their overview of the summer slide, Quinn and Polikoff offer a few key facts:

  1. Learning and achievement are perishable. The average student loses a month of academic-calendar learning each summer.
  2. The impact of the summer slide contributes to a more pronounced achievement gap.
  3. Research has found a link between socioeconomic status and the loss of reading skills experienced over the summer.
  4. Studies show older students lose more over the summer than younger ones.
  5. Students see greater academic dips in math than in reading.

All this academic data correlates with my experience as a teacher. Classroom teacher budget substantial amounts of time to reteach their students the skills that they had learned the year before; it was no secret that summer vacation lead to rusty skills and forgotten knowledge.

To be continued next week… The Faucet

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