Summer Slide Activities Program Week 5 – Preventing Brain Drain

Free Summer Slide Program Activities - Week 5

Look at the new Free Summer Slide Activities Program Week 5. This program will help to prevent your children loosing 3 months of learning from the previous school year.

What did you like about last weeks activities? If you haven’t enrolled already, you still can do so in the form below.

How To Keep the Faucet Running

Assuming that more resources help prevent the summer slide and fewer resources exacerbate it, teachers need to make a point of helping students gain access to resources throughout the summer. Below are ways that teachers and parents can keep the resource faucet on over the break.

Get ‘em to the library. Teachers can help by making sure that students and their families know how to access their public libraries and the resources that libraries provide such as programming, knowledgeable librarians and multimedia resources. Additionally, parents, use Epic!, a digital library with more than 25,000 books and learning videos designed for students. Epic! gives kids immediate access to digital versions of classic books like “A Wrinkle in Time” and “Bridge to Terabithia.”

Keep the communication going. Quinn and Polikoff bring up “human capital resources” to emphasize that home-school connections remain crucial over the summer. Parents can help their children to develop and maintain academic skills throughout their vacation. Teachers, by using free and secure platforms like ClassDojo or Remind, you can communicate with families all summer long: share a reading strategy of the week, suggest local educational opportunities, or assign work.

Here is your 5th week’s package.
The Botanical Gardens – Grades 1st thru 5 will need this Worksheet. It is in a zip file. You can open it by downloading this free program to your computer: WinZip.

PreSchool thru Kindergarten
1st & 2nd Grades
3rd thru 5th Grade
6th thru 8th Grade
High School

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