Free Summer Slide Activities Program – Week 1

FREE Summer Slide Brain Drain Prevention Program Week 1

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You have been your children’s most important teacher since birth, and you will continue to have the most influence on them for the rest of their lives. They learn by watching and listening to you. Their emotional, physical and educational growth depends on you. Teachers and friends will come and go in their lives, but you are their constant. Quite a bit of responsibility, isn’t it?

Just like you are the foundation of your children’s lives, reading is the academic foundational building block that determines their success in school. In today’s world there is an unspoken expectation that parents prepare their children to read and provide time and space so that their children do their homework without distractions. Studies show that parents who provide opportunities to incorporate learning every day have children who succeed in school academics.

Whether you are married or a single parent, your life is probably already filled with responsibilities and obligations. So, what is going to be presented (most of the time) in the Summer Slide Prevention Program are fun family learning experiences that will be a part of everyday activities.

Kids learn best by doing. It is important to have children engage in safe experiences while exploring their world. Offer your children two to three choices and let them decide what activities they want to do. That way they feel they have some control, learn how to make decisions, and find out what they like and do not like.

Each week you will receive links to the weekly summer slide prevention program. This is week 1.

The most important message I can impart is to have fun with your children.

You are not their school teacher. Hang loose and enjoy the process. It doesn’t matter if your child gets things right. The most important part of this whole process is to have your child enjoy spending time with you and experiencing a loving, authentic relationship.

Your job is to encourage your children by being their cheerleader. Dr. Phil said it better than I ever could: “My job as a parent is to find the best in each of my children and tell them so that they are fortified to face the negativity when they become adults.”

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6th thru 8th Grade
High School

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