Attack the Boredom of Summer with these Super Science Fair Project Ideas

Super Science Fair Project Ideas

Summer vacation can be filled with days of boredom for elementary-age children.  Parents struggle to find activities which fill time and, if on a budget, do not involve large expense.  Planning several cool science projects can serve a dual purpose – keeping a child’s mind busy and active and possibly discovering an award winning science project that can be used next school year, when a busy family can dread the coming science fair.

For elementary students, here are a few simple super science fair project ideas that attack the boredom of summer that are low cost and enjoyable.

  1. Which shape of kite will fly best?  For this project, some research on kite shapes and sizes will be necessary, either at the library or the internet.  It will be important that the materials remain the same, only the shape changing.  Other variations of this project could also include materials used, size of kite, different wind velocities, etc.  The possibilities are endless.
  2. Which type of boat hull has the greatest stability or buoyancy?  Which can carry the most weight or glide the farthest?  Again, there are about six different hull types, and your child can make boats from milk cartons with each type of hull, testing for each factor.  Nothing like a cheap and easy science fair project!
  3.  Which type of swimming bird feet are the speediest?  Which type allows the most maneuverability?  This is a quick and easy science fair project for a swimmer!  Purchasing three pair of swim fins and then cutting them into three different shapes is all you need for supplies.  Let your swimmer come up with the variables for which he or she tests and, perhaps, have a winning science fair project!
  4. Which design of paper airplane is best for distance, time aloft or stability?  The Internet or library can supply a variety of designs and provide suggestions for a heftier material.  Again, many variables can be tested – an easy-to-do science project!
  5. How about parachutes from black trash bags?  Which shape, size or string type is the best?  Change the material used and test again!  This would be an awesome science project for two friends to complete together!

Prize winning science fair projects are often those that require far less expense than one would think.  Planning and implementing such short and easy projects during the summer can give the entire family a head start when the school year begins.

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