October Science Fair Projects for Kids

October Science Fair Project Ideas

We have officially entered fall, and now is a great time to develop super science fair projects that explore the biological, chemical and physical changes that occur during the transitions between Summer and Fall and Fall and Winter. This is the perfect month to explore the color changes that occur with many plants in the northern states.

One project idea is to chart the changes that the plants near your home make during the month of October. You can examine plants in a park, around your house or apartment or even on your school grounds. Create a log that details when you make your observations, where the plants are located, local weather conditions, precipitation rates, humidity rates and temperatures. Also note what changes are taking place, how many leaves are affected and what plant species are most effected.

Another project idea is to examine insect activity during the month of October. See if insects and spiders do anything special to prepare for the cold months ahead. For example, do they build extra insulation into their nests, do they start going inside, do they hibernate or do they migrate. You can also look at the subterranean activities of bugs by digging holes and counting the number of bugs that you see. Chart if this number increases or decrease as the month progresses or compare the number of bugs based on the depth of the hole.

The last experiment we suggest is a lot of fun – can you make candy waterfall? Can candy flow like a waterfall. Try different materials like sand, noodles, cereal. What variables do you have to consider for each material?

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