image of MadelineI know when its science fair time because e-ons of emails arrive every day from parents, students and teachers: Will you send me a science fair project? What is a good science fair project that my daughter can do for her 7th grade science fair? Do you have easy science fair projects on your site? Do you know where I can find .... Well, now we have created a Forum for you to share your science fair experience, ask questions and get answers from each other. This is a blog for students, parents and teachers... a place for you to help each other. Each post is monitored and will be posted after it is read by an adult. So please keep your comments honest, clean, and helpful. This is an educational site. The purpose of the Super Science Fair Projects blog is to help you to create the best science fair project on the planet! It is not a place to visit with your friends or to joke around. Those posts will be deleted. By subscribing to the Free Science Fair Enthusiasts weekly/monthly newsletter where you will be kept informed of new information posted on this Forum. We look forward to your input. Madeline Binder
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In the electrolyte challenge science fair project abstract you will find out which dink was best at replace electrolytes lost through sweat. Logan Homeschool, 10th Grade Dublin, GA My investigation was to test different drinks to see which one was best at replacing electrolytes lost through sweat. My problem was to see which type of…
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In the teeth brushing bacteria science fair project, 9 year old Jason from Colorado in the USA wanted to know if taking an extra minute to brush his teeth made a difference in the amount of bacteria that remained in his mouth.   Here is an excellent, inexpensive safe grow microbiology kit for both classroom…
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Here is Garrent's Science Fair Projects with Wind Turbines Abstract Here is where you can find the wind turbine that Lucas used for his 7th grade science fair project.   Does a Wind Turbine's Blade Size Affect the Voltage It Generates?   PURPOSE To construct a wind turbine that will light up a 2-volt LED…
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Solar Oven Kids Experiment Project | 1st Grade Science Fair Project

Have fun building a solar oven kids experiment project!

Garrett's Science Fair Project on Solar Ovens
Garret is Home Schooled.

I wanted to see if I could make a solar oven and cook food in it. I had to get it to 200 degrees Fahrenheit because that the degrees I had to cook in so I could eat it.

I thought I could make an oven that could get up to 200 degrees.

` A box
` Aluminum tape
` Aluminum foil
` Black construction paper
` Foam
` Cardboard
` Plexiglas

First, I took some Styrofoam and insulated a box. Then I took some aluminum tape and aluminum foil and put it on the inside of my box. I put some black construction paper on the bottom of the solar oven. I used the lid of the shoe box for my reflector. Then I put some Plexiglas on top of my solar oven.

Then I measured how much heat would be in my solar oven. I did it by putting a thermometer in it. The first time it was 131 degrees. The second time was 140 degrees. That wasn’t hot enough either. Then I made the glass fit better and the degrees was 150 degrees.

I needed to add more reflectors and more insulation because it wasn’t hot enough. I put my solar oven in a bigger box and put some cardboard around it for insulation. Then I added more reflectors. It went up to 210 degrees.

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image of making a solar oven image of making a solar oven image of making a solar oven image of making a solar oven image of making a solar oven

I solved my problem. I insulated my solar oven, and then I added more reflectors and that is what made it hotter. I wanted to get it up to 200 but instead I got it up to 208 degrees. And I was so happy. And then I made S’mores and hot dogs for my whole science class. They tasted really, really good.

Don't use Styrofoam for insulation it gives off toxic fums. Just use news paper, cardboard or fiber glass house pink insulation.

If you want to use a ready-made solar oven for a Solar Oven Kids Experiment Project, Look Here...

Manufactured Landscapes is a feature length documentary film about the work of photographer Edward Burtynsky. It was directed by Jennifer Baichwal and is distributed by Zeitgeist Films. Photographer Edward Burtynsky travels the world observing changes in landscapes due to industrial work and manufacturing.
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The science of electricity is exciting, but when developing science fair projects it is easy to turn this interesting topic into a boring demonstration of concepts that millions of students have done before. One of the best ways to create a competitive advantage when developing an electricity science fair project is to focus on the…
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Earth Day is the perfect time to put in a little extra effort to help the earth out. This year, try out one of these 10 easy ways to contribute to the earth. Each of these activities will not only enhance the quality of the environment, but it will also enhance the quality of your…
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I saw this ingenious solar energy lotus leaf electrically charged car and what came to mind was an idea for you. Wouldn't it be neat to invent a science fair experiment kit using this car as a model? Imagine, you can use a leaf shape, or any shape that interests you.   The large leaf…
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Oceans are becoming warmer, sea levels are rising, the hole of the ozone layer is getting increased day by day, the glaciers are getting melted – so, our climate is changing, and no doubt, this is not a progressive change – a change that we are not looking forward to! Right from the polar bears…
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President Obama told the American public that climate change is the most pressing and important subjeect his second term in office. He set in motion what is constituents believe will be a very aggressive campaign for positive change in regard to the environment. “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that failure…
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