I know when its science fair time because e-ons of emails arrive every day from parents, students and teachers:

Will you send me a science fair project?

What is a good science fair project that my daughter can do for her 7th grade science fair?

Do you have easy science fair projects on your site?

Do you know where I can find ….

Well, now we have created a Forum for you to share your science fair experience, ask questions and get answers from each other. This is a blog for students, parents and teachers… a place for you to help each other.

Each post is monitored and will be posted after it is read by an adult. So please keep your comments honest, clean, and helpful. This is an educational site. The purpose of the Super Science Fair Projects blog is to help you to create the best science fair project on the planet! It is not a place to visit with your friends or to joke around. Those posts will be deleted.

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Madeline Binder

Science Fair Projects Questions and Answers

Did you every hear of the saying, “Feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”?  That is what the science fair projects questions and answers is all about. Here you can post your questions and either I or a […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll: Using Student Interests for Science Fair Project Ideas

One of the ways that I have found to get kids interested in science is to relate it to something that they are interested in. For teenagers three of the most fascinating topics are sex, drugs and rock and roll. While you may have to be careful about approaching these topics, they can be used […]

Bioethanol Science Fair Project

Bioethanol Science Fair Project with Tofu Waste and Rice Waste

Bioethanol science fair project will determine if usage of tofu and rice waste can make Bio-Ethanol. Category: Environmental Sciences Students: Khairunnisa-12 yrs old, Mazaya-12 yrs old, Galuh-13 yrs old, Mega-13 yrs old Country: Yogyakarta, Indonesia Big QuestionCan We Make Bio-Fuel from Rice & Tofu Waste? Project Research Nowadays, tofu waste has been an environmental problem […]

Science Fair Abstract

How to Write a Science Fair Abstract

I would just like to tell to keep up the good work. Not many websites have good information like this. I was basically looking for a site that told me what an abstract was for my science project I was doing and when i stumbled on your site I saw that not only you had […]

Global Harming Science Fair Project Abstract

Global Harming Science Fair Project

See a 5th grade global harming science fair project abstract determine if burning fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide. Katrina 5th Grade – Age 10 Mississippi USA Background Info “5 minutes to midnight” was all the talk on January 17 of 07. The Doomsday clock had been set two minutes closer to midnight. (Midnight is the […]

Science Fair Project Survey on Biodiversity

Biodiversity Science Fair Project Survey

See how the Science Fair Project Survey on Biodiversity brought awareness to 17 communities in India. Group Leader: Vaibhav Khurana Team Members: Name: Chetan, Mahima, Manas, Medha, Uttar Pradesh, India Focal theme: Biodiversity: Nurture Nature for a Better Future Title: “Global Warming: A Threat To Life” Reason Selecting the Topic I have selected this topic […]

13 Science Fair Project Ideas – Big Questions & Hypotheses

13 Science Fair Project Ideas

Look at the 13 science fair project ideas for your science fair project by looking at this list of 13 big questions, hypotheses and materials lists. Big Question Why do certain compounds can be changed from one physical state to another and can gain their original state back again. Hypothesis Water can be converted into […]

Engineering Electronics Science Fair Project – Signal Lights Abstract

Engineering Electronics Science Fair Projects | Signal Lights Abstract

Explore this engineering electronics science fair project that shows you how to design a system of signal lights using logic gates. Anand 12th Grade – Age 17 Rajkot, Gujarat, India Winner of the Virtual International Science Fair Contest Project TitleCreate an automatic traffic signal system using a particular combination of logic gates. Purpose From my […]

Water Purification Science Fair Project Abstract

Water Purification Science Fair Project

Read 6 year old Chinmayi’s water purification science fair project abstract that she did to find out why she got sick from being in a river in India it. Chinmayi 6 years Maharashtra, India You can download Chinmayi’s Water Purification Science Fair Project Timeline and Science Log here. INTRODUCTION During my vacation, I went to […]

Crystals Science Fair Project

Crystals Science Fair Project

Ioana’s crystals science fair project tested to see which of three temperatures would grow the largest and most crystals. Ioana Class: 11H Bucharest, Romania Hypothesis I believe that the glass that has been in the fridge will form larger more crystals than the ones that have been on the counter top and ice bath, as […]