I know when its science fair time because e-ons of emails arrive every day from parents, students and teachers:

Will you send me a science fair project?

What is a good science fair project that my daughter can do for her 7th grade science fair?

Do you have easy science fair projects on your site?

Do you know where I can find ….

Well, now we have created a Forum for you to share your science fair experience, ask questions and get answers from each other. This is a blog for students, parents and teachers… a place for you to help each other.

Each post is monitored and will be posted after it is read by an adult. So please keep your comments honest, clean, and helpful. This is an educational site. The purpose of the Super Science Fair Projects blog is to help you to create the best science fair project on the planet! It is not a place to visit with your friends or to joke around. Those posts will be deleted.

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We look forward to your input.

Madeline Binder

A Look into the Future – beginning now.

The Future is Now

See how one invention is going to change your life. Received this from my friend who lives in Israel. Our lives are really going to change very quickly! Good or not good? Mixed? You decide and let us know in the comment section below. From: Professor Norman A. Bailey, Ph.D. Netanya, Israel In the not […]

2021-2022 Science Fair Contest / Olympiad – It’s Free & Online!

Super Science Fair Project Science Fair Enthusiast's Olympiad

Are you ready for the 2021-2022 science fair contest> If you have been following this blog then you know how passionate I am about the environment. This is a different kind of science fair contest. It focuses on you doing a project in your community that relates to global warming.. Like past virtual science fairs […]

Ozone Air Filter – Is it Safe?

Is Ozone in your Home?

Do you have an ozone air filter in your home? Did you ever test the safety of ozone based home air filters? One student’s science fair project was featured in Sierra magazine. Her mother has asthma and used an ozone based home filter. She tested to see if her breathing improved after turning on the […]

Video on the 1st Step of the Scientific Method

Featured Video Play Icon

Watch this video to learn about the 1st step of the scientific method, which is Purpose/Question. This is an entry to the Science Fair Enthusiasts Contest. The words in red critique information in the video. . The first step is to Observe and Ask a Question. It is all about making objective observations. These observations […]

The First Step of the Scientific Method Never Dies Video

The First Step of the Scientific Method Never Dies Video
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The First Step of the Scientific Method Never Dies video is made in connection with the Super Science Fair Enthusiast’s Olympiad. The entry was made by Mas’ab, a 7th grader from the country, Mauritius. This is an entry to the Science Fair Enthusiasts Contest. The words in red critique information in the video and below […]

Gesture Control Car Science Experiment

Gesture Control Car Science Experiment
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Vedanth, an 8th grader from India, designed his own gesture control car science experiment. I bought the robotic chassis and all the materials separately and programmed my robot.