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The grades that are classified under elementary include K-5 where they focus primarily on the foundational components of science.

Solar Oven Kids Experiment Project | 1st Grade Science Fair Project

Have fun building a solar oven kids experiment project!

Garrett's Science Fair Project on Solar Ovens
Garret is Home Schooled.

I wanted to see if I could make a solar oven and cook food in it. I had to get it to 200 degrees Fahrenheit because that the degrees I had to cook in so I could eat it.

I thought I could make an oven that could get up to 200 degrees.

` A box
` Aluminum tape
` Aluminum foil
` Black construction paper
` Foam
` Cardboard
` Plexiglas

First, I took some Styrofoam and insulated a box. Then I took some aluminum tape and aluminum foil and put it on the inside of my box. I put some black construction paper on the bottom of the solar oven. I used the lid of the shoe box for my reflector. Then I put some Plexiglas on top of my solar oven.

Then I measured how much heat would be in my solar oven. I did it by putting a thermometer in it. The first time it was 131 degrees. The second time was 140 degrees. That wasn’t hot enough either. Then I made the glass fit better and the degrees was 150 degrees.

I needed to add more reflectors and more insulation because it wasn’t hot enough. I put my solar oven in a bigger box and put some cardboard around it for insulation. Then I added more reflectors. It went up to 210 degrees.

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image of making a solar oven image of making a solar oven image of making a solar oven image of making a solar oven image of making a solar oven

I solved my problem. I insulated my solar oven, and then I added more reflectors and that is what made it hotter. I wanted to get it up to 200 but instead I got it up to 208 degrees. And I was so happy. And then I made S’mores and hot dogs for my whole science class. They tasted really, really good.

Don't use Styrofoam for insulation it gives off toxic fums. Just use news paper, cardboard or fiber glass house pink insulation.

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