Solar Oven Kids Experiment Project | 1st Grade Science Fair Project

Solar Oven Science Project

Have fun building a solar oven kids experiment project! Garrett’s Science Fair Project on Solar OvensGarret is Home Schooled. PROBLEM I wanted to see if I could make a solar oven and cook food in it. I had to get it to 200 degrees Fahrenheit because that the degrees I had to cook in so […]

Learn About The Different Aspects of Electricity

Different Aspects of Electricity Science Fair Projects

The science of electricity is exciting, but when developing science fair projects it is easy to turn this interesting topic into a boring demonstration of concepts that millions of students have done before. One of the best ways to create a competitive advantage when developing an electricity science fair project is to focus on the […]

10 Ways to Contribute to the Earth to Celebrate Earth Day

10 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect time to put in a little extra effort to help the earth out. This year, try out one of these 10 easy ways to contribute to the earth. Each of these activities will not only enhance the quality of the environment, but it will also enhance the quality of your […]

Solar Leaf Energy Charger Electric Car

Lotus Leaf Solar Car

I saw this ingenious solar energy lotus leaf electrically charged car and what came to mind was an idea for you. Wouldn’t it be neat to invent a science fair experiment kit using this car as a model? Imagine, you can use a leaf shape, or any shape that interests you. The large leaf is […]

Our Changing Climate and Its Effects on Environment

Climate Change article and video

Oceans are becoming warmer, sea levels are rising, the hole of the ozone layer is getting increased day by day, the glaciers are getting melted – so, our climate is changing, and no doubt, this is not a progressive change – a change that we are not looking forward to! Right from the polar bears […]

President Obama’s 2013 Inaugural Speech About Climate Change

President Obama's Speech on Saving the Earth

President Obama told the American public that climate change is the most pressing and important subject his second term in office. He set in motion what is constituents believe will be a very aggressive campaign for positive change in regard to the environment. “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that failure […]

How Can Pinterest Help You To Do Your Science Fair Project?

SuperScience Fair Projects on Pinterest

The Internet really is a great tool for students who are attempting a new science fair project this year. While students are familiar with most of these resources, they may not be aware of the new resource known as Pinterest. If you are a student who is just starting a science fair journey, then these […]

Truth and Lies in Solar Energy Solutions

Truth and Lies About Solar Energy Solutions

Truth and Lies in Solar Energy Solutions When speaking of solar energy, it can be hard to identify what are true and what are false statements about solar power. Individuals in favor of solar power claim it is the energy source of the future. Individuals against solar power say the technology can never replace traditional […]

Snap It Now With Videoscopes for Microscopes

Microscope Video Cameras

Videoscopes for microscopes are devices that are mounted in the place of the ocular lens and are then connected to a computer to allow the viewers to have a live image of the specimen in its current magnification on the right in the computer monitor. The functions of the microscope are intact but the only […]

Hydrogarden Science Fair Projects

Hydroponics Science Fair Projects

Hydrogarden science fair projects are among the things that make science fun and interesting. It is entirely easy to start this kind of project. As a matter of fact, even students in grade school can do it and they will definitely have a great learning experience. A Set of Simple Ideas to Start With When […]