Robot Engineering Computer Science Fair Abstract

Robot Computer Engineering Science Fair Abstract

See this 8th grade engineering computer science fair abstract about an assistant robot who can effectively help humans be more efficient. Rachit 8th Grade Maryland, U.S.A. 1st prize winner of his division. Award of a PicoTurbine Windmill set donated by Picoturbine International. Engineering and computer science have completely changed the way we live. One of […]

A Measure of Acidity Science Fair Project

acidity science fair project abstract

Find out the difference between pH of fruits and vegetables in this 5th grade acidity science fair project. Arjav 10 years old United States of America Purpose of Project/Experiment What is the difference between the pH of fruits & vegetables? Hypothesis I think vegetables have more acidity, so there will be more pH in vegetables. […]

Uses of Solar Energy

Uses of Solar Energy

There are many uses of solar energy, and here a a few to think about if you want to do a solar energy science fair project. You may ask why is it important to have this information. Well, this year we were told that we have 20 years to clean up our air in order […]

October Science Fair Projects for Kids

October Science Fair Project Ideas

We have officially entered fall, and now is a great time to develop super science fair projects that explore the biological, chemical and physical changes that occur during the transitions between Summer and Fall and Fall and Winter. This is the perfect month to explore the color changes that occur with many plants in the […]

Collecting Data when doing the Scientific Method

Collecting Data for Science Fair Projects

This week you are collecting data when following the scientific method. You do this after you complete doing your science fair experiment. During this step of the scientific method you will be doing two things, (1) completing your experiments and (2) collecting data. This step can take anywhere from a few minutes to several months […]

Bio-Rusting Science Fair Projects | Biochemistry Science Abstract

Bio-Rusting Science Fair Project Abstract

ABSTRACT CATEGORY:Biochemistry STUDENT: Emily GRADE LEVEL: 10th CITY/STATE: Madison, IL USA AWARDS:1st Place in High School, Outstanding in Illinois Regional, 2nd Place in American Chemical Society I. Purpose The purpose of my bio-rusting science fair projects experiment is to determine the effect of various organic bacteria on the rate of the iron oxidation process. II. […]

Exploring the universe with Kepler’s Laws and science fair projects…

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion

Students working on astronomy science fair projects can benefit from learning about Kepler’s Laws and the basic theories behind the science of astronomy like Kepler’s first law. This law state is based on the assumption that planetary orbits are ellipses and that the sun provides one of the elliptical foci. Kepler’s 1st Law: The orbits […]

Science Fair Projects with Fabrics Abstract

Science Fair Project with Fabrics Abstract

CATEGORY: Consumer Science STUDENT: Tasmiha GRADE LEVEL: 11th (High School) STATE / Country: Illinois, USA AWARDS:Honorable Mention of the Virtual Summer Science Fair Contest – Super Science Fair Projects Hypothesis I believe that nylon will dry the fastest because it looks and feels the thinnest. Because of its thinness, the water would be absorbed less […]

6th Grade Renewable Energy Science Fair Projects

6th grade renewable energy science fair projects

The 6th grade is one of the best years in school, naturally, to do 6th grade renewable energy science fair projects! This is because you are in a new phase of your education, middle school. The science that you learn about is more advanced and you get the chance to complete hands on learning activities […]

PicoTurbine Windmill – FQA

Savonius Wind Turbine & Solar Electricity Lab Science Fair Kit

Question: Hi I bought the Picoturbine kit for my daughter’s science fair and I am unable to get the 1.5 volts that are needed to light up the LED. I have tried just about everything and I am unable to get more than 0.25 volts. I have tested the resistance of the coil and I […]