Enter the 2020 American Solar Challenge

American Solar Challenge

Become a part of history. Enter the 2020 American Solar Challenge (ASC2010) which is a competition to design, build, and drive solar-powered cars in a cross-country time/distance rally event. Teams compete in a 1100 mile drive from Tulsa to Chicago. The route has been chosen to combine pieces of old routes used in previous events, […]

The Soy Bean – Healthy or Unsafe to Eat?

Is Soy Good for Your Health?

If you are consuming soy products, be certain you have a reliable organic source. The Cornucopia Institute has just released their groundbreaking report Behind The Bean — The Heroes and Charlatans of the Natural and Organic Soy Foods Industry. The Cornucopia Institute’s Organic Soy Full Report and accompanying Scorecard rates companies that market organic soy […]

Enhance your astronomy science fair project with Kepler’s third law…

Kepler's 3rd Law of Planetary Motion

Kepler’s third law is all about the timing of the planets’ orbits. It states, “the ratio between the square of the time needed by a planet to make a revolution around the sun and the cube of its average distance from the sun is the same for all planets.” This law can be expressed in […]

Learn about the second law proposed by Kepler…

Kepler's 2nd Law of Planetary Motion

Kepler introduced multiple theories that related to the movement of the planets. His second law was that “a planet moves so that its radius vector sweeps out equal areas in equal times.” You can use this information to create an astronomy science fair project for a science fair competition.

Ship to UK PicoTurbine Windmill?

Classroom Savonius Wind Turbine Plus w/ 8 DC Experiment Labs

Question: I am studying in BSc electronics. I am participating in Science Project exhibition this time. I came to know from my friend about your website which is really knowledgeable for our age science students.I am interested to buy one of your Picoturbine and DC experiment KIT. Is it possible to deliver it to UK […]

You Can Help To Combat Climate Change

You Can Help To Combat Climate Change

When discussing environmental issues, there’s always the danger of agreeing that they represent real challenges, but then suggesting that there’s nothing that we can do to deal with them. It’s often easy to suggest that they need to be dealt with at a broader, global level. This type of reasoning is frequently seen when the […]

Dishwasher Disposal – How To Make Your Household Waste ‘Green’

How To Make Your Garbage Disposal Green

Problems can develop in all areas of our life, inconveniencing us by disrupting our daily routines. Whilst we may have survived without a number of these appliances in previous years, nowadays many of us would struggle to manage even the most basic of household tasks alone, making these appliances integral components of our home. When […]

Eat Wisely and Cut Down Your Carbon Emission

How to Reduce Food Carbon Footprint

It is quite common nowadays to find the term ‘food miles’ buzzing around the media, even though some people do not quite understand what exactly this means. Here is the concept: food miles determines the distance that fruit and veg cover in order to reach the other side of the planet and stock our local […]

Domestic Water Conservation

Domestic Water Saving Tips

It’s fair to say that water usage in our home can become a little excessive from time to time; many of us may know a family member or fellow resident that takes that extra half hour in the shower, cleans dishes under a constantly flowing tap. This is forgivable once in a blue moon, but […]

Can you do math as good as a baby bird?

Can You Do Math as Good as a Baby Bird?

Scientists from the universities of Padova and Trento demonstrated chicks’ ability to add and subtract objects as they were moved behind two screens. Lucia Regolin, an animal recognition expert at the University of Padua i Italy and author of the study, said the animals “performed basic arithmetic” to work out which screen concealed the larger […]