Chemistry Lab Tips for Osmosis and Diffusion

Diffusion Races Easy Science Fair Projects Kit

Teachers, here are some lab tips for osmosis and diffusion: Your students will have a lot of fun learning about diffusion while engaging Diffusion Races! Use liquid laundry starch or soluble packing pellets in place of soluble starch. Have students tie knots in the dialysis bags instead of using string. Have each group do each […]

Designing Your Experiment

Designing Your Experiment

This week we are moving on to the next step in the scientific method, designing your experiment. This step is one that you need to pay close attention to, as it will determine how successful your science fair project will be. By the way, if you have been following this blog this month then you […]

8th Grade Science Fair Projects on Health and Chemistry

8th Grade Chemistry and Health Science Fair Projects

Finding 8th grade science fair projects on health and chemistry can be quite a challenge. However, if you keep your eyes open you will quickly see that project ideas are all around you. While not all the ideas you come up with will be winners, you will be surprised at how many great ideas you […]

10th Grade Microbiology Science Fair Projects

Surface & Water Microbes Science Fair Projects | Surface & Water Microbiology Experimenter Kit

10th grade microbiology science fair projects can range from very basic molecular biology science experiments to extremely advanced biochemistry experiments. While many people think that in order to win a science fair they need the most complex project at the fair, this is not the case. Simpler projects that are well executed are going to […]

What is a science fair project with coffee / cacao?

Coffee Science Fair Projects

Question: Dear Madeline Some time ago you had something in one of your newsletters about a science fair project with chocolate. (coffee, cacao etc.) that one can use. Is it possible to forward the information to me? We would like to do something along that line for our next project. My Child is 12 years […]

Generate energy power in the classroom with these ideas…

Generate energy power in the classroom with these ideas...

Generating energy power in the classroom, can be approached in a number of different ways. The best way is to develop a classroom project around one or more types of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind. Science kits that allow students to build their own power generators can be used to enhance your […]

PicoTurbine windmill energy lesson plans…

PicoTurbine Wind Turbines in the Classroom

PicoTurbine wind turbine energy science fair projects are a great option for energy lesson plans. These projects are easy to break down into steps and they are easy to teach. Also, your students are going to love building their own wind turbines and generating their own personal supply of electricity. We suggest getting one wind […]

Renewable energy for classroom power…

Renewable energy for classroom power...

It is easy to say that renewable energy for the classroom science kits will make your teaching more effective, but as a teacher you need more information before jumping on board. These science kits provide you with ideas as well as materials that will allow you to bring your curriculum to life and that will […]

Trouble extracting apple juice w/Pectinase

Science Experiment: Extracting Apple Juice w/ Pectinase

Question: My daughter is trying to do an experiment using pectin enzyme to remove juice from apples and it is not working. Here is the question if someone would be able to assist her project is due in one week. I am Extracting Apple Juice w/Pectinase. I have followed the Experimental Procedures and I am […]

8th Graders on Hand Washing Health Facts

Hand Sanitizer vs Bacteria Science Fair Project

8th graders on hand washing health facts can be a great project to jump start your creative juices prior to a science fair. This is a very basic project, but it can be used to help you learn how to conduct scientific research, how to write a report, how to create an effective display board […]