The Scientific Method: Background Research for Science Fair Projects

Last week we talked about developing your science fair project’s hypothesis and this week we will be discussing how to conduct the background research for your project. This is an activity that needs to be done both before you create your hypothesis and after you develop your hypothesis. Whether you are working on an easy […]

Water Turbine Science Fair Project Abstract

Water Wind Turbine Science Fair Project Abstract

The idea of the water turbine science fair project came from the thought that we could produce clean energy using water currents. This is a small working model of a water turbine is made from recycled spare parts that we have found. It shows that we can produce a lot of electricity in a cheap, […]

Portable Air Conditioner Science Fair Project

Portable Air Conditioner Science Fair Project Abstract

We chose to do a portable air conditioner science fair project because in many parts of the world heat strokes are a major problem and a plethora of people are unable to afford the expenses of a normal air conditioner. In addition, receiving a peaceful rest is a mammoth task in many countries now a […]

Unlimited Electricity Generator Science Fair Project Abstract

Unlimited Electricity Generator Science Fair Project Abstract

Petrila, an 11th grade student from Romania, submitted this unlimited electricity generator science fair project abstract to Super Science Fair Projects’ contest. The format for an abstract was not followed, but you can still generate ideas and avoid his pitfalls. Most electricity generators run on gas, and this is not very kind for our environment, […]

Developing Your Hypothesis – The Scientific Method

Developing a Hypothesis

There are specific steps that you need to take when developing a hypothesis for your electronics themed science fair projects. The first step is to select a topic related to electronics. Then you will need to ask questions about this topic that you are interested in the answers. For example, you may want to know […]

Fall Science Fair Project Hypotheses for You

Fall Science Fair Project Hypotheses

September is officially here and it is a great time of year to come up with ideas for your science fair projects. Fall is an interesting time to conduct earth science and biology science fair projects, as well as behavior projects. This week’s blog is going to focus on ideas for fall themed science fair […]

MX-907 Electronic Lab

Maxitronix MX-907 200-in-1 Electronics Lab Kit

The MX-907 200-in-1 Electronic Lab kit is excellent to use after your hypothesis has been selected for your science fair project. It will help you to figure out an experiment that will allow you to test your hypothesis. For example, if your hypothesis is that the material a wire is made up of impacts the […]

6th Grade Chemistry Science Fair Projects

6th Grade Chemistry Science Fair Projects

The first type of 6th grade Chemistry science fair projects that you can work with is pH level projects. In order to complete your pH level chemistry projects, you will need some sort of indicator, such as a litmus paper. A couple of the pH level science projects you can complete include: testing the pH […]

How to Choose a Biochemistry Science Fair Project

How to Choose a Biochemistry Science Fair Project

Before choosing a biochemistry science fair project, let’s discuss what biochemistry is all about. Biochemistry science fair projects are all about the chemistry required for life processes. They can look at enzymes, hormones and the chemicals that make up DNA. If you are interested in chemistry and in biology then this is a great subject […]

Is Love Just A Biochemical Reaction?

Is Love a Biochemical Reaction

This debate is nothing new, theories and supporting evidence have existed for many years but as science becomes more and more able to understand realms of the most complex structure known to science, the human brain, this argument becomes less and less debatable. Could the human condition that we call “love” and which creates the […]