AC/DC current activities for wind turbine projects…

AC/DC current activities for wind turbine projects

Each year teachers are faced with the task of integrating emerging science concepts and issues into established science curriculum. This year renewable energy education in the classroom is the integration task that teachers have to mediate. Fortunately there are a lot of projects that can be done using a wind turbine, such as AC/DC current […]

Biology Lab Tips for Dissolved Oxygen Lab

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

  Use TesTab Dissolved Oxygen/BOD Kitinstead of lab protocol. Use a dissoved oxygen tank meter. Once samples are fixed, they can be stored in refrigerator for titration later. Expand study to include natural water bodies (lakes, ponds, etc.). Have students conduct a seasonal study of these water bodies. Remember that science lab kits can be […]

Biology Lab Tips for Transpiration

Biology Lab Tips for Transpiration

Teachers, see the biology lab tips for transpiration, especially if you are teaching AP classes. Use house plant if bush beans are not available. Cut plant stems and insert stem into tubing while stem is submerged in a pan of water. This prevents air gaps from forming in xylem vessels. Buy disposable glass pipettes (and […]

Science Fair Project Using Soluble Reagents

Science Fair Projects Using Soluble Reagents

View 12th grade science fair project using water soluble reagents. This is a mechanistic investigation of oxidative transformations using water soluble hypervalent iodine. ABSTRACT STUDENT: Arun GRADE LEVEL: 12th Grade CITY/STATE: Macomb, IL USA AWARDS: Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Best in Category – Award in Chemistry. This is the largest pre-college science […]

Science Fair Project on Temperature and Electricity Abstract

Science Fair Project on Temperature and Electricity Abstract

Kay’s science fair project on temperature and electricity shows the effects of metal as a conductor of electricity as well as affects of temperature. Temperature and Electricity Abstract CATEGORY: Physics STUDENT: Kay Many factors are known to affect how well a metal conducts electricity. Temperature is one factor that affects the resistance of a conductor. […]

Engineering Science Fair Project on Indoor Air Quality

Engineering Science Fair Project on Indoor Air Quality

See the engineering science fair project on indoor air quality that you can do in regards to buildings that do not have windows that open. Name: Divyansh Grade: 12  Age: 17 New Delhi, INDIA Category: Environmental Science Awards Selected for Iris (Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science) at the National Level Won the 3rd […]

The science of 9th grade…

The Science of 9th Grade

9th grade is usually the first year that students are able to explore specific fields of science in detail. They can elect to take Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Science. This branching off of science interest allows the student to really explore their areas of interest. However, it also provides them the opportunity to learn […]

Carbon Dioxide Influences Plant Disease

Crop Diseases and Climate

The Science Daily reported that human-driven changes in the earth’s atmospheric composition are likely to alter plant diseases of the future. Researchers predict carbon dioxide will reach levels double those of the pre-industrial era by the year 2050, complicating agriculture’s need to produce enough food for a rapidly growing population. Credit of the image to […]

Planet Earth a Liquid!

Is Planet Earth a Liquid?

Scientist believe that the universe started as a “perfect” liquid when the Big Bang occurred. What is the Big Bang? Cosmologists use the term Big Bang to refer to the idea that the universe was originally extremely hot and dense at some finite time in the past and has since cooled by expanding to the […]

Diffraction of Light Science Fair Project Abstract

Diffraction of Light Science Fair Project

The Diffraction of Light science fair project abstract shows you what determines the percentage of light that is defracted. Edward Age 16 Kentucky, United States of America Abstract The percentage of light reflected from objects to another object, will vary depending on the angle of the light source and how much the light is diffused. […]