12th grade science challenge…

12th Grade Science Challenge

The 12th grade science challenge will contribute to entries for your resume. These entries are necessary as they show colleges what type of student you are and what skills you have developed in high school. Many students who are trying to get into the best schools or science programs put a lot of effort into […]

Biology Lab Tips for Enzymes

Biology Tips to Update Your Lab

Obtain catalase from Sigma. May be stored for years in freezer. Use bakers yeast culture as catalase source. Use liver as catalase source. KMnO4 stains may be cleaned up using H2O2. Use syringes to save time (and money) in volume measurements. Do a thorough cleaning of your lab freezers or refrigerators. Dispose of items that […]

Longitudinal science fair projects for high school students…

Longitudinal science fair projects for high school students...

If you want to make a superior showing at your high school science fair, then consider planning out a longitudinal study during your high school career. This project will begin in your Freshman year and it will conclude in your senior year of high school. These projects will demonstrate to science fair judges and to […]

Seed Germination and Plant Growth Science Fair Project

Seed Germination and Plant Growth Science Fair Project

Seed germination and plant growth science fair project analyzes the relationship between exposure to music and plant growth. Does Mozart Have a Green Thumb? By Kathleen Small Question Will exposure to music help plants grow? Further, what kind of music will help plants grow the best? I. Research Plants grow to thrive: sun, water, air, […]

Super Science Fair Projects for Winter Break

Science Fair Projects Over Winter Break

It is hard to believe, but the year is almost over and it is time to look at science fair projects for winter break! That means the kids will be out of school for a couple of weeks and you will be dealing with rough winter weather and boredom. Luckily science is here to save […]

Science Themed Gift Ideas

Science Themed Gift Ideas

Today is December 5, only 20 days left until Christmas and if you are still looking for science themed gift ideas for the young scientists on your shopping list, then this blog is for you. This week’s blog will give you a few science themed gift ideas. The first gift idea is to give a […]

Producing organic chemicals with inorganic chemcial reactions…

Producing organic chemicals with inorganic chemcial reactions..

Historically organic chemistry was believed to be unique to living things. However, this was disproved in 1828 when an organic compound known as urea was produced in an inorganic chemical reaction between ammonia and cyanate. Findings that disprove science “facts” can be a way to win an online science fair contest.

Adventure Sports Chemistry Science Fair Projects

Adventure Sports Chemistry Science Fair Projects

Adventure sports chemistry science fair projects will get you to stop thinking of boring and tedious and actually have fun doing your science fair project. Your projects will not be limited limited to the same tired old topics that have been done a thousand times. When developing a science fair project you need to think […]

Antacid Neutralization Science Fair Project

Antacid Science Fair Project Display Board

I. Purpose The purpose of the antacid neutralization science fair project is to determine which antacid works best at neutralizing hydrochloric acid (HCI), which is found in the stomach. STUDENT: Michael GRADE LEVEL: 7th CITY/STATE: IL, USA AWARD: Gold Medal, 1st place award ($500 savings bond) from Chicago Drug and Chemical Association. II. Procedure Five […]

Guinea Pig Science Fair Projects

Guinea Pig Science Fair Projects

Discover guinea pig science fair projects and experiments using smell, memory and sight. Skylar Grade 4 Hypothesis Can a Guinea Pig be trained to follow a path by sight, memory or smell? (Skylar wrote this as a hypothesis, but it really is The Big Question.) Materials Guinea pig Carrots Maze Experiment I started out by […]