Crystals Science Fair Project

Crystals Science Fair Project

Ioana’s crystals science fair project tested to see which of three temperatures would grow the largest and most crystals. Ioana Class: 11H Bucharest, Romania Hypothesis I believe that the glass that has been in the fridge will form larger more crystals than the ones that have been on the counter top and ice bath, as […]

Hydrogarden Science Fair Projects

Hydroponics Science Fair Projects

Hydrogarden science fair projects are among the things that make science fun and interesting. It is entirely easy to start this kind of project. As a matter of fact, even students in grade school can do it and they will definitely have a great learning experience. A Set of Simple Ideas to Start With When […]

Snap It Now With Videoscopes for Microscopes

Microscope Video Cameras

Have fun with videoscopes for microscopes that are mounted in the place of the ocular lens and are then connected to a computer. They allow the viewers to have a live image of the specimen in its current magnification on the right in the computer monitor. The functions of the microscope are intact but the […]

Digital Photography Science Fair Project Abstract

Infrared Photography Science Fair Project

The Invisible Revealed: In the Digital Photography Science Fair Project, Kendra uses digital photography to determine a material’s ability to reflect near infrared wavelengths. Kendra Age 15 Texas, USA Research Visible light, the light we see, is only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. There is a wide range of different wavelengths and frequencies […]

Science Fair Projects with Fingerprints and Genetics

Are Fingerprints Inherited Science Fair Abstract

See science fair projects with fingerprints and genetics to determine whether fingerprint patterns are passed down within families. Explore this creative 4th grade project. Jason 4th Grade – Age 9 Colorado, USA PURPOSE The purpose of this project is to find out if fingerprint patterns are inherited like eye color, hair color and other genetic […]

Is Alcohol Bad for You Science Fair Project

Is Alcohol Bad for You Science Fair Project Abstract

Is alcohol bad for you science fair project will surprise you with the results. Isabella

Foliage and Nutrients Science Fair Project Abstract

Foliage and Nutrients Science Fair Project Abstract

Examine this 3rd grade Foliage and Nutrients Science Fair Project Abstract to see which mode of nourishment makes plants grow the fastest. River 3rd Grade – Age 8 Florida, USA My experiment tested the following types of nourishment: Tap water Pete’s Bloom Buster Miracle-Gro Vinegar Coffee grounds Eggshells Milk Compost Hypothesis I believe Miracle-Gro will […]

Science Fair Project on Media Violence – Science Fair Research Paper

The Physical and Psychological Effects of Watching Media Violence

You can read the abstract on Violent Video Games here… Introduction Scientists now understand that during the stress response an important chemical system becomes activated. Researchers have labeled this system the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis). When a situation is perceived as stressful, a deep brain structure called the hypothalamus releases a hormone called CRF, which […]

Violent Video Games Science Fair Project | Gender Difference in Response to Violent Video Games

Violent Video Games Science Fair Project | Gender Difference in Response to Violent Video Games

The Violent Video Games Science Fair Project was inspired by my mother’s concern about me playing violent video games. Her objection made me wonder if there are gender differences in response to violence. Since completing this project, my mother doesn’t worry about me playing these mature video games. So the question I asked myself, “Are […]

Meteor Impact Abstract

Meteor Impact Science Fair Project Abstract

A Science Fair Project on Meteor Impact Abstract Damon 7th Grade Texas, USA My topic is meteor impact. I became interested in the impact of meteors when my teacher, Mrs. Zakarian, told me about an experiment. Things went running through my mind lie, “Wow, I will get messy in this experiment.” and “I would like […]