Having Fun Getting Started With Your Science Fair Project During The Summer

Having Fun Getting Started With Your Science Fair Project During The Summer

Science is all around you. Whether you get inspired by the plants and animals as you go out for walks in the countryside or find visits to museums, planetariums, zoos or aquariums a fascinating way to find out about things like dinosaurs or animals at the zoo, make it an adventure to learn how things […]

Science Fair Success and Summer Projects

Science Fair Success and Summer Projects

Summer vacation is just beginning. Don’t let summer boredom set in. You can eliminate your summer boredom by participating in the Summer Slide Prevention Program (see below) and by conducting your own summer science fair projects. One type of summer project that you can work on is a plant project.         If […]

Science Fair Ideas and Summer Vacation

Science Fair Ideas and Summer Vacation

As I mentioned last week, summertime is a great time to get out and explore the world and learn new things. This week I’d like to talk about a summertime activity that can (1) entertain you and (2) provide you with ideas for super science fair projects. This activity is going to a science museum. […]

Middle School Summer Science Activities

Educational Science Kits Summer Activities

Summer is when we all get a little more active so if you are looking for middle school summer science activities then consider using science fair science kits. For example, you can examine the mechanics of your summer sports, you can look at why your boat stays afloat in the lake, you can explore the […]

Science Fair Projects – Kit orders

Shipping time for Super Science Fair Project kits

Question: Could you please let us know as soon as possible when it will be arriving? Answer: Most people ask when their order is going to be delivered. If you live in the United States it takes about 5 to 7  working days (not including Saturday or Sunday) to arrive at your door. This does […]

Complete Chemistry Science Fair Projects During a Wedding Weekend

Wedding Science Fir Project Ideas

Look at the wedding science fair project ideas you can do while while waiting for the ceremony. Summer is here and most people are planning their vacations and special events. This year if you are planning on attending a wedding during your child’s summer vacation plan ahead to put together learning activities that will keep […]

Virutal Science Fair Ideas and Help

Making Your Home Green

Today I’d like to discuss tips for virtual science fair ideas focusing on making your home green. This information can be used to help your students develop their science project entry for the category, environmental science. There are a lot of ways that you can transform your home into a “green home.” To start with […]

Student Bacteria Food Test Science Fair Project Kit

Ketchup Bacteria Science Fair Project Idea

I am doing a science fair project and want to do a bacteria food test science fair project to measure bacteria in refrigerated vs. unrefrigerated ketchup. Do you have kits that I can use to measure bacteria growth in ketchup? I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Ryan Answer: Use Total Count […]

Gravity Science Fair Projects

Gravity Science Fair Projects

Question: How are you today? I need to know do you have any science fair project kits on ROCK SLIDES for grade 9. Kenny Answer: Have you considered doing a science fair project on how gravity contributes to rock slides? Another possibility is to do a science fair project on how global warming is affecting […]

Science Fair Projects on Dog Food

Science Fair projects on Dog Food

Science fair projects on dog food can be gross, scientific, fun or technical. There are a lot of angles that your food experiments can take. However, to get the best reaction possible from the judges at your local science fair, you need to develop a great project that not only is informative, but that is […]