6-Steps of the Scientific Method Video

6-Steps of the Scientific Method by Super Science Fair Projects.com

Important: To see the 6-Steps of the Scientific Method video click on the image below. The above image is a preview image only. The 2nd image is live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=dJTBQFE6XLY If you want more detailed information about the scientific method, look at the Student’s Guide to the Scientific Method here.

Topics for classroom chemistry science fair experiments

Classroom Chemistry Science Fair Experiments

Doing classroom chemistry science fair experiments are a fun way to work together as a class to solve a problem. These class projects can look at big science issues like global warming, or simple science concepts like solubility. No matter what your class decides to do, remember that the project is a team effort and […]

School Science Fair Projects: Using the Internet to Generate Ideas

School Science Fair Projects & Ideas

Today I’d like to talk to you about how to come up with a great science fair idea using the Internet. These strategies are simple and just about anyone with internet access can use them. The first thing that you can use the Internet for is to research the latest science developments and research projects. […]

Developing a Hypothesis for Your Super Science Fair Projects

Developing a Hypothesis

This week we are going to talk about developing a hypothesis. During the month of September we will be going over each step of the scientific method. Each week we will tackle a different component. Your hypothesis is basically a prediction of what will happen or a question that you want to answer. For example, […]

2019-2020 Science Fair Contest / Olympiad – It’s Free & Online!

2019-2020 Free Online Science Fair Contest by Super Science Fair Projects

Are you ready for the 2019-2020 science fair contest> If you have been following this blog then you know how passionate I am about students knowing how to do a science fair project because it is a metaphor for life. Once you know the steps of doing the scientific method or an engineering design process […]

Plant biology science fair project idea…

Plant Biology Science Fair Project Ideas

Every year students have the opportunity to create, experiment and defend their own plant biology science fair project idea. These projects can deal with anything that that a student is interested in from botany to electronics. However, if you want your science fair project to stand out and to impress the judges you need to […]

New digital science video database ready for teachers and students…

Digital Science Database

The big news today is GEOSET, which is short for Global Education Outreach for Science, Engineering and Technology is a digital science video database. It is a digital library of educational videos that make science, engineering and math more accessible for kids. It is being put together by a professor at the Florida State University […]

Did you see the robot invented by Chinese farmer?

Chinese Farmer who has Constructed over 60 Robots

Chinese Farmer invented and constructed over 60 robots! “What the mind of men can believe and conceive, it can achieve.” …Dale Carnegie Chinese farmer Wu Yulu started inventing robots with scraps of metal, nails and screws that he found in rubbish sites in 1986. His persistence paid off. Now he drives his rickshaw pulled by […]

1st grade science experiments and ideas…

Five 1st Grade Science Experiments and Ideas

Do you need a list for 1st grade science experiments and ideas? If you do then you are in luck. Below you will find five different lists of 1st grade science experiments that you can do at home or in class. The lists of the best kids’ science fair projects are organized by topic and […]

When we see the universe what are we seeing?

When we look at the universe are we seeing the past, present or future?

When we gaze at the night sky do you believe that you are looking at the universe as it exists? Are we seeing that moment in time or are we seeing into the future, or are we seeing time in the past? Actually, many of the photons that you are seeing have traveled for billions […]