How to Measure Sugar Concentration in Juice

How to Measure Sugar in Juice

Question: How would I measure sugar concentration in apple juice in different brands of apple juice. Answer: According to the wine the refractometer is a device in which the juice from a wine grape is squeezed into and then provides a sugar reading of the juice content. Another method, according to the wine doctor, […]

Pharming Dangerous to Farming

Industrial Farming

Last Friday I came across a news article that I think would make a great escalator for science classroom discussions. This news article discussed pharming. Pharming is a process by which scientists alter the genes of a plant in order to produce new drugs. This is not a new science issue, as it was experimented […]

Spring Super Science Fair Projects Rock!

Spring Science Fair Projects

Last week we talked about a new study that exposed the presence of BPA in a high number of test subjects. Today I’d like to get away from news stories to talk about the upcoming seasonal transition from winter to spring. This is a great time of the year to examine ecosystems, weather patterns and […]

Is it Affect or Effect?

Affect vs Effect????

Questions: Hi Madeline, I have an important question…My science fair project is due on Tuesday! How should I word my problem?…Does the color of a birdfeeder affect the amount of birdseed eaten by birds? OR Does the color of a birdfeeder effect the amount of birdseed eaten by birds? affect or effect? I just don’t […]

Why Enter a Science Fair?

Why Enter a Science Fair?

There are so many reasons to enter a science fair, but the only reason to do so is because you want to. If it is a class assignment, then of course, you have not choice. But I am talking about entering a science fair for recognition or money. It is a huge commitment and you […]

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Forensics of Hair

What Does Hair Tell You? Did you ever think about the forensics of your hair? You may be aware that your hair says a lot about you. Your hairstyle is used to express your personality, your hair color can hint to your ethnic background and the length and texture can also allude to your gender. […]

Are you a Complainer? How to Create a Complaint Free World

Are you a Complainer? How to Create a Complaint Free World

Someone sent me this sight because they probably thought that I needed to read on How to Create a Complaint Free World. It’s published by a church in the Midwest and the idea is to not complain for 21 days. They also have purple bracelets that you wear and every time you complain, you switch the […]

Infusing Your Lesson Plan With Science

EP-130 Electronic Project Playground Lab

Creating a lesson plan is the foundation for developing a quality educational program. A great lesson plan needs to meet the three “Es” of teaching, educate, engage and entertain. Lesson plans that do not incorporate all three of these Es are less effective than those that do. Fortunately there are simple and cheap methods that […]

Science Experiments: Finding Inspiration

Brainstorming Science Fair Project Ideas

Science experiments come in all shapes and sizes. When selecting a science experiment you don’t want to rely on the same tired old ones. To keep your kids or students excited about science, occasionally you have to work outside the box. Finding new ideas for your classroom demonstration that are new, innovative and topical, means […]

The Science of Poop: Starting a Dialogue

The Science of Poop

While many students may not think much about the science of poop, poop is actually an interesting compound made up of food waste, bacteria and digestive enzymes. Poop’s composition is based on what the animal that produced it ate. Animals that are carnivores or omnivores have poop that has more nitrogen and odor producing molecules […]