Guinea Pig Science Fair Projects

Guinea Pig Science Fair Projects

Discover guinea pig science fair projects and experiments using smell, memory and sight. Skylar Grade 4 Hypothesis Can a Guinea Pig be trained to follow a path by sight, memory or smell? (Skylar wrote this as a hypothesis, but it really is The Big Question.) Materials Guinea pig Carrots Maze Experiment I started out by […]

Parents, who does your child’s science fair project?

Science Fair Parents DNA Cartoon

During science fair project time, parents call to ask questions about purchasing a kit for their child or to ask a question about a kit that they already purchased. The following is a very typical conversation and this one occurred this last Thursday. The names of the people have been changed. A mother called me […]

Let’s define chemistry phrases for students…

Define Chemistry Phrases

Chemistry is divided into two basic categories, organic and inorganic. Organic chemistry deals with carbon compounds and living things. Inorganic chemistry deals with basically everything else. The EDU-8355 Super Chem 120 Science Kit will help kids to explore chemistry in the kitchen and can be used to create a science fair project. You can find […]

Conversion of Lengths

Conversion of Lengths

If you need to collect data that involves length measurements then these conversion of lengths factors will be helpful: 1 centimeter = .394 inches 1 meter = 39.4 inches 1 meter = 3.28 feet 1 kilometer = .621 miles You may need to use length measurements in your fuel cell car science fair projects.

Important subdivisions of the SI units…

SI Units Prefixes

It is important to understand the prefixes used to describe subdivisions of SI units. For example, pico- means 10^-12 power, nano- means 10^-9 power, micro- means 10^-6 power, milli- means 10^-3 power and centi-means 10^-2 power. Keep these prefixes in mind when creating your own energy science fair projects.

Data Collection – Important Multiples of SI Units

Data Collection for Science Fair Projects

Multiples of SI units are very important to understand when you are doing data collection that have large measurements. Some of the most common prefixes for multiples of SI units include: hecto- which is 10^2 power, kilo- which is 10^3 power, mega- which is 10^6 power, giga- which is 10^9 power and tera- which is […]

International System of Units for Measuring Data

International Units of Measurement Chart

In order to make the understanding of data universal the International System was developed. This system standardized measurements for nearly everything that scientists are interested in measuring. Here are a couple of examples: meters, joules, seconds and watts. The International System of Units (SI, abbreviated from the French Système international (d’unités)) is the modern form […]

Savonius Wind Turbine Lesson Plans

Savonius Wind Turbine Lesson Plan Ideas, Demonstrations & Hands-on-Activities

Get the whole classroom involved in alternative energy with the 10 savonius wind turbine lesson plans, demonstration ideas and student hands-on activities. Definition of savonius: A windmill composed of two semi-cylindrical offset cups rotating about a vertical axis. This is a mechanical engineering term. Wind energy is a renewable energy resource that has the potential […]

Human Chimera DNA Science Fair Project

Human Chimera DNA Science Fair Project

Human Chimera DNA Science Fair Project investigated if women who have been pregnant have more chances of having chimera than those who haven’t. Definition A chimera is essentially a single organism that’s made up of cells from two or more “individuals”—that is, it contains two sets of DNA, with the code to make two separate […]

Winter science activities for kids 5-12…

Young Scientists Science Club Kits

Get ready to engage you children during holidays and winter with winter science activities! Kids get very excited around the holidays. This energy can be expelled in one of two ways, hyperactivity or focused activity. Young Scientist kits are for kids 5-12 years old. They are a great way to focus your kids’ energy during […]