Girls Day | International Day of the Girl

International Day of the Girl - Girl Day

Today is Girl Day (February 21, 2017), an exciting part of Engineers Week (February 17 – 23, 2019)! Girl Day is a excellent reminder to parents and educators around the world that talking with girls about engineering careers, introducing them to engineering role models, and engaging them with creative and hands-on engineering activities can help […]

Truth and Lies in Solar Energy Solutions

Truth and Lies About Solar Energy Solutions

Truth and Lies in Solar Energy Solutions When speaking of solar energy, it can be hard to identify what are true and what are false statements about solar power. Individuals in favor of solar power claim it is the energy source of the future. Individuals against solar power say the technology can never replace traditional […]

Learn About The Different Aspects of Electricity

Different Aspects of Electricity Science Fair Projects

The science of electricity is exciting, but when developing science fair projects it is easy to turn this interesting topic into a boring demonstration of concepts that millions of students have done before. One of the best ways to create a competitive advantage when developing an electricity science fair project is to focus on the […]

Creating False Memories Science Fair Project Abstract

Does Time Impact How Easy it is to Create False Memories? Science Fair Abstract

Does Time Impact How Easy it is to Create False Memories? Science Fair Abstract Heather Grade 8, Home Schooled Lansing, Michigan U.S. Introduction Courts have put people to death and CPS taken children over false memories. I wanted to learn how time impacts false memory creation. Hypothesis I believed more time before leading questions would […]

How to Build a Hovercraft Out of Found Materials

How to Build a Hovercraft

Goal: How to build a hovercraft out of “found” materials that could be used to transport a heavy backpack full of school books. Tyle Life Science BackPack On A Leash How it works: We are using a gas leaf blower to power our hovercraft. The blower forces air at the approximate rate of 150 cubic feet […]

The Future is Now!

The Future is Now - Super Science Fair

Join the conversation…. What can be each do right now to make a difference? What do you do to be a positive force in the lives of others? At Duke U there is a student organization that works to be a positive force in the lives of local girls 4th – 6th grade.

How Much Water Do Elephants Drink?

How Much Water Must Elephants Drink in a Day?

Did you know that elephants drink up to 50 gallons of water per day? If they don’t their body has biochemical and chemical reactions. Elephants live in very hot and dry climate so they need to take in more water than what they excrete through their urine and what they evaporate through their skin and […]

It’s Never Too Late to Begin Anew!

What Can I Do To Begin Anew?

When things don’t work out the way I want them too or I get a unpleasant reaction to one of my actions, I always ask myself, “What can I learn from this experience so that it doesn’t happen again?” Then I begin anew! For me life is filled with wonderful lessons to learn. This is […]

Classroom Hydro Experiments

Classroom Hydro Experiments

Water is a great compound to use for classroom hydro experiments because it is cheap, free in most cases, and because it is a relative safe compound to work with. However, while these logistical features make water a practical ingredient to experiment with, but there is more to water than meets the eye. Water has […]