Does salt, sugar, or pepper cause ice to melt faster?

Question: Hi my name is Dana and I am a year 10 student,

I was just wondering if you could help me answer one of the questions I am stuck on for my science assignment. I wanted to know whether ice melts faster with salt, sugar, pepper or water on its own. I've been searching for the answers on the internet but I am not sure if I've got the right answers.

The question that I am looking for is, "Does ice melt faster when water is freezed with salt, water is freezed with pepper, water is freezed with sugar or water is freezed on its own?" Is there any scientific reasoning behind this?

Thank you!


Response: Dana, the best way to findout the answer is to do an experiment. Make 3 different trays of water, each one having a different spice in it. Freeze the ice trays, wait until they freeze. Take them all out of the freezer at the same time and see which one melts faster.

To find out the reason, do a search in google: salt, pepper or sugar melt ice faster? I found a few sites that will give you the answer to your question.

Hope this helps, Madeline

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