Maxitronix MX-907 200-in-1 Electronics Lab Kit | Electronic Physics Projects

Maxitronix MX-907 200-in-1 Electronics Lab Kit | Electronic Physics Projects

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  • 200 projects & experiments
  • Safe: no soldering
  • Works on batteries
  • 257 parts
  • 108 page manual with step-by-step instructions and detailed
  • Easy to follow illustrations
  • All terms are defined and parts are illustrated
  • See list of sample projects
  • 6-AA batteries not included

Product Description
You will easily be able to build all 200 projects. The connections are simple because of the spring terminals attached to each part. A wiring sequence is included with each project, so all you do is connect wires between the spring terminals listed in the wiring sequence. All wiring is included.

Science Fair Project Ideas

  1. Build a DC Voltmeter and test voltages of different brand name batteries. Are all brands alike?
  2. Build an Acoustic Ohmmeter and measure the resistance of different resistors. Which one is most effective?
  3. Test different circuits. What is the best conductor of electricity?
  4. Design an octave generator. If you are into electronic music you will want to do this project. See what schematic makes the most unusual sound effects.
  5. Build an electronic motorcycle. Experiment with CdS cells and different capacitors. Observe the polarity of the electrolytic capacitors.

Important Information
Ages 10 and Up

Product WarningWARNING CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts. Not for Children under 3 yrs.
Product WarningWARNING CHOKING HAZARD- Toy contains a cord. Not for Children under 3 yrs.

This is a kit, you will receive parts to build the item pictured.

Shipping, Warranty & Return Policy

Additional information

Weight 3.92 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 x 10.5 x 5.25 in


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