Super Science Fair Projects is Website Sold! 

Super Science Fair Projects Website is Sold

Excited to share with you that a really good business friend, Michael Burghoffer, is now the new owner of

I have known Michael for 16 years. He comes from a family of inventors. Two of those members invented the PicoTurbine Wind Turbine Experiment Kit. Michael was in Jr High when he used the kit to do a science fair experiment and won 1st prize at his state’s Science Fair Olympiad.

In the year 2002 or 2003, I started selling that kit online and purchased them from one of the inventors.

After being disgruntled with working on Wall Street, at the age of 21, Michael purchased his cousin’s wind turbine website. That is how I met him. 

Michael revolutionized the original model to what it is today. In the beginning it was made of cardboard, paper, wooden dowels and some wires. What a change in design and function: See what they look like today!

Inside info about Michael
Besides being an excellent business man, Michael is a math wiz! He is married, a husband, father, triathlon athlete and owner of

And he has a passion for… well, I think I will let him tell you when he is ready. Look for his emails as he develops his non-profit idea worldwide. It will positively affect you. I know I am excited. 

Thank you all for being a positive contributor to Super Science Fair Some of you have been with me from the beginning when I launch the site in 2001 as an informational site. It gradually evolved to what it is today.

And with Michaels foresight, it is going to grow into something spectacular. I feel like I am leaving you and the site in excellent hands. Like my son said to me today, “Michael is the right person with the best vision. He was meant to be the owner.”


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