Teacher’s Science Fair Guide <BR>Engineering Design Process eBook<BR>Lesson Plan Format

Teacher’s Science Fair Guide
Engineering Design Process eBook
Lesson Plan Format

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Teacher's Science Fair Guide Engineering Design Process Using Inquiry-Based Using Lesson Plans

“Yes, you can manage and redirect students' frustration that is inherent in doing an engineering science fair project
…without stress, without dread, without being overwhelmed and confused, and with full cooperation from your students and their parents
…even if you’ve never been involved in an engineering design process before!

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I know this sounds audacious or even somewhat crazy, BUT using this 389 guide eBook makes teaching an engineering science fair project a whole lot simpler and more enjoyable!

image of overwhelmed engineering science teacherNo more being overwhelmed . . .

No more having a feeling of distress. . .

No more feeling inundated. . .

No more not knowing what to do when students are feeling discouraged. . .

Imagine your students with grins on their faces because you have shown them how to turn confusion or disappointment into an opportunity!

This is what you and your students will experience during every lesson when you follow the step-by-step guidelines in this eBook.


Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

I am going to let you in on a little secret...

There is no lever to pull or pixie dust to sprinkle to protect your students from feeling confused or frustrated when teaching the Engineering Design Process!

Confusion, fear and frustration are naturally occurring consequences when doing an engineering science fair project.

The EDP is an iterative process that requires learning through repeated attempts and failures when they design, test, redesign and retest their prototypes. Students are not accustomed to this type of learning. You will be given the tools to manage and redirect students' frustration so that they learn to "fail forward. With you guidance, they will think of confusion as a gift and turn despair into inspiration. Your students will gradually transform into creative, intuitive, people. They will also learn how to adapt the EDP process to other school subjects and real life situations.

Engaging in the engineering process is different than other learning experiences. When using the inquiry-based lesson plans as a delivery system to teach the Engineer Design Process (EDP), you will not have to prepare and teach a mountain of information that is usually required of a STEM curriculum. Instead, you will be a facilitator. Your students will do the core work. The eBook will show you how to foster independent learning. The balance of work will gradually shift to your students. They will learn how to think systematically about solving problems and finding answers to their questions.

Students will work in teams to tackle engineering challenges and solve real world problems, just like engineers. Helping students work together as a productive team can be formidable! The eBook has team building tips to facilitate corporation.

Can you afford to wait?

Albert Einstein had a saying: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Introducing Teacher's Science Fair Guide to the Engineering Design Process

A tried and proven system to doing an outstanding engineering science fair project
while using the Engineering Design Process.

image of Teacher's Science Fair Guide Engineering Design Process


WHEN you order today you will get 38 Lesson Plans


image of symbol for engineeringA Detailed 389 page eBook with the following main topics:
image of Teacher's Science Fair Guide to the Engineering Design Process


  • 8 powerful step-by-step modules detailing the Engineering Design Process
  • How to identify a problem in the student's community or personal life, and write a problem statement
  • How to organize and record pertinent information in a Design Notebook (required for all engineering investigations)
  • How to do background and patent research, locate and identify original research, research target consumers or users, formulate a bibliography
  • How to develop possible solutions, specify design requirements (working within design criteria and constraints), and write a design brief
  • How to prepare a preliminary design, choose the best solution, design a prototype, test it, redesign and retest.
  • How to organize and interpret data
  • How to write a project report and abstract
  • How to design and organize a display board



image of engineer's checklist

Checklists, Worksheets and Templates

For Your Students - Worksheets offer students a structure for formulating a problem statement and design brief, perform keyword and patent research, write a bibliography, use a unique timeline and design matrix, write a project report and abstract.

A checklist is provided for all main topics to ensure that the students complete important tasks. They can also be used to guide students through complex processes to assure success. Take the time to print these pages to give to each team.

For You, The Teacher - How to set up a website page to ensure communication between the you and the parents. A lesson plan schedule template, details on how to organize and run a science fair including recruiting volunteers to help you, and an original engineering science fair flyer are provided for your convenience. There are teacher information pages: questions to promote conversation, teacher's role and student's role when using an inquiry-based style of teaching

For the Parents of Your Students - Parent's Guide to Science Fair Projects



image of Building Student's Confidence: Proven Strategies - Easy & Quick Classroom Activities eBook

Bonus Booklet

The Building Student's Confidence: Proven Strategies - Easy & Quick Classroom Activities: For students, the process of doing an engineering science fair project feels like their mind has squiggly lines moving every which way. They get overwhelmed, which in turn may cause anxiety, fear or uncertainty. This especially happens when they are not being spoon-feeding information.

The daily 5 minute exercises in this book will help students to develop confidence and the willingness to independently approach learning new material. You will see your students transform, over time, from being overwhelmed to being excited and confident?

image of You Can Do This

Attain the Results You So Greatly Desire by Starting Now....
You Can Do This!

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And There's More....


For Teacher

image of blue check markQuestions to ask students that encourage student-centered learning.

image of blue checkmarkExcellent STEM lessons.

image of blue check markLesson plans integrate four STEM subjects: engineering, math, science and technology.

image of blue check markInformation broken down into bite-size pieces of you will become thoroughly comfortable with the Engineering Design Process


For Student

image of blue check markThe complete Student's Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook to be used as a resource

image of blue check markEasy to understand language. All terms are defined.

image of blue check markIllustrations and examples

image of blue check markUnique timeline to help stay on track, alleviate fear and panic

image of blue check markHow to interview an expert and write a letter of inquiry

image of blue check markLearn the Judges' expectations

image of blue check markHow students are expected to dress at the science fair? What to bring to the science fair?

image of blue check markExcellent for homeschooling, grades 5th thru College, clickable index, instantly downloadable eBook... Yikes... and there is much more.....



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Teacher's Science Fair Guide Engineering Design Process eBook

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Everything you and your students need
Instantly Download
In Inquiry-Based Lesson Plan Format
3 books in one:
  ☼ Teacher's Science Fair Guide Engineering Design Process
  ☼ Student's Guide
  ☼ Building Student's Confidence: Proven Strategies - Easy & Quick Classroom Activities eBook


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Engineering Design Process eBook
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