The science of 9th grade…

The Science of 9th Grade

9th grade is usually the first year that students are able to explore specific fields of science in detail. They can elect to take Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Science. This branching off of science interest allows the student to really explore their areas of interest. However, it also provides them the opportunity to learn about specific science topics in more detail.

As Freshmen learn about their chosen field of science they are in a fantastic position to develop a clever and innovative science fair projects. When developing a project for a high school level science fair it is important to focus on more advance topics such as applications of new energy technology in energy science fair projects.

When developing an energy science fair project Freshmen in high school also need to keep in mind that a lot of other students are also working on energy related topics. This means that in order for their project to stand out it needs to be unique. To develop project uniqueness you need to find a very narrow topic and also you need to select a unique angle to approach that topic. This is where the project’s development can get complicated.

Narrowing your topic is going to involve selecting something specific about a more general topic. For example, if you are interested in wind turbines and wind generated power you will need to narrow down this general topic to something more specific such as a specific turbine design component or a specific element of wind power, such as power output or the amplification of wind power.

The next step will be to develop an angle to approach this narrowed topic. This is where true student innovation will come into play. The angle can be how you use technology to solve a problem or it can be how you solve a problem by modifying an existing system.

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