The Scientific Method Steps Animated Video

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See live video and lyrics below of the scientific method steps

Ansh Jain
8th Grade
Delht, India

This is an entry to the Science Fair Enthusiasts Contest. The words in red critique the information that is in the video.

First you make an observation / Question of the world around. Take notes and record all the things that you found. Then you ask a simple question about something that you want to learn about. I wonder why…….?

Step 2 is to do Project Research to find out what other information you can find that will help you to answer your question. (this is not in the video.)
Then you form a hypothesis to explain what you observed (not a hypothesis – A hypothesis makes a comparison between 2 variables. The prediction is included in the hypothesis.)
Then you make a prediction about how it’s gonna go (A hypothesis states the prediction plus a comparison.)
Do a test with a control variable and an experimental variable
Then you analyze the data and draw a conclusion
Do the scientific method to avoid all confusion

Make an observation / Ask a question
Do project research
Form a hypothesis
And make a prediction
Do a test or experimentation
Analyze data and draw a conclusion

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