Tips for Starting an Aquaponics Garden

The main reason why many people have started to grow their own produce is due to the fact that they will know that the produce that they are consuming is 100% organic. I am not questioning the various producers of organic produce on the authenticity of their products, but I prefer to be 100% sure that my produce is organic and not a marketing ploy.

Gardening tips – new method

While surfing the internet, I came across a fascinating “new” method of organic gardening called aquaponics. This method of gardening makes use of a combination of hydroponics and fish farming. This system is based on the natural relationship between plants and animals, which has worked since the beginning of time.  The plants rely on the nutrients deposited into the water by the animals, in the form of the expelled waste. These nutrients are then absorbed by the plants, thereby eliminating the need for fertilizers. This process also benefits the fish, in the fact that the water is being filtered and their environment is kept clean.


One of the biggest benefits of this new method of farming is that it requires very little maintenance and thereby reduces the capital outlay. The amount of produce that can be harvested is greatly increased and growth time is shortened. Weeding and tilling of your garden is no longer an issue, as there is no soil involved. From what I have read on the internet, by using this method, you would be able to increase your yield by 300%. The main factor that you will have to keep an eye on is the level and quality of the water. If these two factors are kept in a healthy state, then you can rest assured that your system will work.

How it works

The fish are placed into the water solution in which the plants are growing. This is the basis of your entire system, which is why you will have to ensure that the water levels, as well as nutrient levels, are kept in check. As the fish go about their normal business, they will provide additional nutrients for your plants. The plants, in turn, will provide shelter for them to reproduce and your “ecosystem” will thrive.


The easiest method by far of obtaining all of the correct materials would be to search and shop for them online. This method is quickly gaining in popularity and there are even a few courses being offered online to ensure that you start off on the right foot and enjoy the full benefits of what aquaponics has to offer.

Aquaponics can be done on a small scale in your backyard or on a large scale. With the correct training and equipment, you will be able to enjoy the organic fruits of your labor.

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