Truck Lab Science Fair Project Abstract

Truck Lab Science Fair Project Abstract

Truck Lab Science Fair Project Abstract experiments to find out what causes a truck or car to go faster – speed or time?


  • Measure 5 traveled distance/time pairs.
  • 5 times of measurements for each pair traveled distance/time (average) 25 measurements

Results of Truck Lab Science Fair Project Abstract:
The longer the travel distance will also increase the time for the truck pass through the distance.

Conclusions – Science Fair Projects Truck Lab:
There is a direct relationship between position (m) and time (s). The higher the traveled distance of the truck, the time that use for the truck to pass through the distance will also increase. There is also another relationship being found, the slope is the velocity of the truck.

    M = 0366t

    General result: X =VT x X0

    X – Position
    V – Velocity
    T – Time
    X0 – (position at time = 0) in this case X0 = 0


What I Would Do Differently Next Time:

  1. Instead do 5 times research for each relationship, I need to do 10 so the result will be more exact.

  2. Ask another 2 or 3 more people to help me timing the time for the truck to reach from start point to the end point for each 10 of the time so the average time result will also be more exact.

Why not turn your RC Truck Hobby into fun science fair projects? With RC cars you can even measure the speed and velocity. How outrageous!

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