Water Turbine Science Fair Project Abstract

Water Wind Turbine Science Fair Project Abstract

The idea of the water turbine science fair project came from the thought that we could produce clean energy using water currents. This is a small working model of a water turbine is made from recycled spare parts that we have found. It shows that we can produce a lot of electricity in a cheap, clean and efficient way.

We basically attached a water wheel to a pulley system that was attached to a motor. When the water wheel spins it causes the motor to produce electricity we have showcased it by a LED bulb. If we use a volt meter we can see that it is producing roughly 2.5 volts constantly.

If we use a bigger model we can surely produce a lot more electricity constantly and if we store this electricity we can use it for ourselves. Especially developing countries which live near oceans or rivers can implement this idea to fulfill their power needs.

I thought of the water wind turbine science fair project for my country, Pakistan, as it most of its provinces are in a power crises it will not require as much money as the burning of fossil fuels. For those countries who do not have access to a river or ocean can modify this model into a windmill for industrial use.

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