What Color Are You?

You will have fun doing this online-name color science fair project. This is so easy.

1. Ask your teacher if you can take 15 mintues to do a quick one questionnaire for your science fair project with the class.

2. If yes, ask the students to write on a piece of paper their first name and what color they think their first name represents. There is no right or wrong, just fun to do.

3. Then have them go to My Color and have them insert their name. See what happens to the background color of the page!

4. Ask each student to then write the background color of the page after they inserted their first name and Amaze Me 🙂 button.

5. You may even want to hand out a form for your friends to fill out.

 Your First Name: Guess of Color Your Name Represents:

 Color My Color says your name represents:

6. Remember to write your hypothesis before you do the survery.

7 thoughts on “What Color Are You?

  1. sunshine says:

    Glad your daughter and her friends had fun doing this science project. I made it up and thought it would be interesting for primary grade kids. Madeline

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