Why Can’t Cars Drive on Their Own Science Fair Project

Why Can't Cars Drive on Their Own Science Fair Project

Using a program named, JAVRIS, 3 students did a project called, why can’t cars drive on their own science fair project. They also wanted to find out why cars cannot be best friends of human beings.

We like to introduce JAVRIS to you. JAVRIS stands for Joint Administration and Remote Vehicle Interface System. JAVRIS is a network of computerized systems including small computers controlled surveillance and the commonly used passenger vehicles. It is a network administered by one SERVER and two Work-Stations each capable of processing data flow of the network.

JAVRIS network has included a new member in its family named as JAVRIS-03 which is a computer equipped and computerized driving passenger vehicle with all driving sense, self diagnostics and self rectification of any mechanical part of the vehicle.

For all time we had some questions in our mind:
Why can’t a car become best friend of human being?
Why can’t it drive on its own?
Why can’t it realize situations?
Why can’t it act like a friend?
In reply to these questions we had done some work on the vehicle’s mechanical and technical prospects.

Experiments and Observations
Initially we took a Maruti Suzuki Omni 1986 model(petrol) which was a carburetor type. This wasn’t suitable to install a computer in that car so for that we done an experiment of modifying that carburetor type engine into mpfi engine which is required to install ECM in our vehicle. Then all required modifications and changes were done. Sensors were installed to get reading of vehicle’s every parts functions and malfunctions.

Then we installed actuators, motors and stepper motor for computerized functioning of break, clutch and acceleration paddles and steering. After there successful workout we were able to drive JAVRIS only by the voice interface system that worked on the administration profile.

We performed all these experiments at the JAVRIS Research Lab and JAVRIS Research Station.

Results and Features of Why Can’t Cars Drive on Their Own Science Fair Project

After all the experiments and technical changes we obtained successful results which are as follows:

  • Javris is a vehicle interface system which works on voice commands and provides each and every possible assistance to the driver and other passengers.
  • Now it is a mpfi engine vehicle with technically modified E.C.M.(PROM Mod PID,ECD,ET,VT,PCD,CD) to fulfill our requirements of making the best available computerized and self diagnostic vehicle interface system.
  • One of the most important facts that separate JAVRIS from all other unmanned, robotics and normal vehicles is that it has its own FMS(Fuel Management System) which provides a mileage of 46 km/litre that makes it most Eco-Friendly (Greener Engine) Vehicle with capability of controlled flow and data logging.
  • The other important one is that it had a battery backup of 6 hours to make computer switched on all the time workout its necessary outputs and functions. This all is due to its double battery system which provides 75 amp. of current and fixed, safe 12 voltage with emergency battery of 12.9 amp. for emergency instant start.
  • It doesn’t needs side view, reverse view mirror because it had two cameras at its front and backside which provides a clear horizontally wide and vertically spread view.
  • Javris had a reliable and fast responding braking system which stops the vehicle at same position not even a slide of 1.000 cm and helps to save the vehicle as well as the passengers. This is due to double master cylinder ABS(Anti Braking System),disk brake and drum brake combination.
  • Centralized locking system with sensors on doors for security of vehicle as a anti theft system. This sends a message if there is still any door unlocked for more than 2 minutes.
  • Specifications

    CPU-3.15 GHz speed intel i3 core processor installed on original intel mother board.
    8 G.B. Ram installed and 128mb HD Graphics Card.
    Two internal and external video cards for camera’s recording and live video.
    22.1 inch wide LCD screen installed.
    Air ventilator cooling system by chassis fans.
    Coaxial wiring set.

    About Ourself
    We are a group of three students of 12th standard science stream and we have built this network and its constituent members that are capable of interaction with any kind of peripheral or computerized modules. Our guiding teacher is also with us as he is the HOD of science department of our institution. We researched about many extraordinary facts other than our syllabus and invented modern technologies that benefit human beings in many aspects such as spy operations, health problems, security at the time of accidents, etc.
    By Javris Team Members

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