Why Enter a Science Fair?

Why Enter a Science Fair?

There are so many reasons to enter a science fair, but the only reason to do so is because you want to. If it is a class assignment, then of course, you have not choice. But I am talking about entering a science fair for recognition or money. It is a huge commitment and you are probably already packed with activities, homework and family responsibilities.

List of benefits. See if one or more grabs your interests and motivates you to move forward.

A. Do you want to go to college?

  1. Colleges love to see that you passionate about learning. If science or math is one of your favorite subjects, then this is an opportunity to showcase what you love and distinguish yourself on your college application.
  2. Some science fair sponsors award monetary awards as well as scholarships. Will the cost of entering science fairs be outweighed by the possibility of winning a prize? Talk to your parents about so you can set a budget. What can you contribute to the expenses?

B. A science fair project is very follows a step-by-step process as detailed in this eBook. Most students 1st do their project for their school science fair. Others also enter that same project at city or county level fairs and then on to international competitions. Prizes can total over $3,000,000 and the top winners can take home $50,000 scholarships.

C. The process of doing a science fair project is actually a metaphor for what you will do every day in life when you make decisions. You make an educated guess about an outcome, take action to see if it works, then decide what to do after your experiment gives you feedback (results).

D. Doing a science fair project is a wonderful learning experience because it goes beyond science.

  1. For your research paper you will do investigative research and most likely complete the longest paper you’ve ever written.
  2. For the 1st time you will learn about the importance of a bibliography and how to write one.
  3. You will learn advanced computer research skills office programs such as word processors and spreadsheets.
  4. Advance math skills will be used to collect and report data.
  5. Various forms of communication will be implemented when you write your project report, design your display board and present your finding to your teacher, fellow students and the Judges at the fair.
  6. You will learn advance communication skills as you proceed to bigger fairs and international fairs. As you move through the process you will hone your presentation skills so you can impress the Judges. These influential skills will be used throughout your career in whatever job or business you pursue.

E. Whether you are a middle school or high school student you will complete the longest assignment than any you have done. This project will probably take one to 3 months. It will require that you learn and implement planning and schedule strategies. You will be required to be focused and disciplined. There is no wiggle room for procrastination. These strategies will greatly benefit you during college and your career.

F. You will learn to be a more ethical person. Living in your word and being honest is all part of having integrity. Plagiarism, falsification of data, or exaggeration of your results must not be used.

G.You will learn how to be a more discerning person. When reading the newspaper, a journal or listening to the news, you will be more alert to false information and exaggerations. You will be able to make better decisions about most aspects of your life just as health, friendship, jobs, etc.

Hope I did not scare you away from doing a science fair project. Being armed with the truth will prepare you. The best you can do is to do a project about something that excites you and will keep you interested for one to three months. Stay focused, stick to a daily plan by having a timeline, and be truthful.

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