Wind Turbine Science Fair Olympiad Winning Experiment

Wind Turbine Science Fair Olympiad Winning Experiment

Read about the awareness that Erik brought forward with his wind turbine science fair project Olympiad winning experiment for Paying It Forward.

Age 10
East Bridgewater, MA US
Winner of the Super Science Fair Contest

This year I chose to present the concept and workings of a wind turbine for my science fair project. One family in my town has a wind turbine in their back yard and they get enough electricity that they sell some back to the electric company! The wind turbine can be a big investment at first, but most everything that is worthwhile is costly in its own way.

We have a lot of wind in my town, being close to the Atlantic Ocean. We have enough wind speed on average to produce lots of electric with a wind turbine. If half of the almost 14,000 people in my town put a wind turbine in their backyard, the whole town would benefit by:

  1. Leaving less of a carbon footprint – by using the wind for electric, we wouldn’t be burning coal or oil.
  2. We could pay it forward by selling our neighbors in town some of our excess electricity, at maybe a cheaper rate than through the electric company.
  3. We pay it forward by not polluting the air for future generations, by using wind instead of other energy sources that are being quickly used up, (like coal and oil).
  4. The idea of using wind for electricity may get people excited to try other ways of going green. My town already is into recycling. We are lucky to have curbside pick-up of our paper and glass and cans. I want to be an architect when I grow up, so I want to get my town excited about “green” houses that use less water, natural resources, and are healthier for people and the environment.

Many people were interested in my wind turbine at the Science Fair this year. I even got my picture in the paper with a family from my town that stopped by my table to ask about my project. I think my project definitely got some more people excited about electricity from natural resources.

I wasn’t able to really talk grown-ups into buying a wind turbine for 3 months. So what I have been doing is telling people about my wind turbine science fair Olympiad winning experiment and how much fun it was. There weren’t any prizes or 1st place or anything, so us kids had fun and didn’t feel like we were competing against each other. When I tell people about the science fair, I tell them the one thing I would change about wind turbines that I have seen, and that is painting the blades red.

The reason I would paint the blades red is that I am hoping that birds do not get hurt in the moving blades. In nature, red means danger to animals, so I would hope the birds would understand this and stay clear of the blades of wind turbines. It is important that we help all areas of nature when we go green, not just one area of nature.

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