PicoTurbine Windmill – FQA

Question: Hi

I bought the Picoturbine kit for my daughter’s science fair and I am unable to get the 1.5 volts that are needed to light up the LED. I have tried just about everything and I am unable to get more than 0.25 volts. I have tested the resistance of the coil and I consistently get about 30 – 34 ohms as the total resistance of the 4 coils but no luck.

My daughter’s science fair and we are quickly running out of time. Any help will be appreciated. If there is a way to talk on the phone to walk through the issues, that would be even better.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Answer: Only issue he has is playing with the alignment of the coils.
That’s all.

Question: I am not sure what this means. Please clarify.

Answer: They have to use the template and place the coils/magnets properly. The trouble shooting guide in the manual needs to be used to resolve these types of issues.

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  1. malik says:

    i have made this project and i have just one difficlty of card board
    and it does not take more than weight of magnet so how can i do this

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