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Super Science Fair Projects
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Super Science Fair Projects is your complete step-by-step
guide to experiments and ideas for kids K-college.
Microscopes, electronics, robot kits, ink cartridges.
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Struggling to Come Up with a Science Fair Project?
In a Panic because You Waited until the Last Minute?

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Doing Your Own Thing

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Image of Detective ThinkMoreWOW! You recently found out that you must do a project and you are responsible for exhibiting it at the science fair.

What do you feel? Despondent? Enthusiastic? Dreadful? Ecstatic? Fearful? Adventuresome?

Well, whatever you are feeling... panic or joy... I am here to walk you through the maze of science fair projects. Allow me to introduce myself, your buddy Detective ThinkMore - your personal private-eye. I will stick by your side during your entire investigation.

If you are in a panic you can now place those feelings in a box and close the lid. Take out a new attitude box, open the lid and absorb the enthusiasm and excitement. We have pages filled with projects, ideas, experiments and topics.

Are you ready?

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Looking for a Science Fair Kit?
Did You Wait Until the Last Minute? Start here.

Image of Microbe Water Quality Experimenter Kit The Microbiology Science Fair Projects kits gives you the ability to test your water at home, a pond, and a lake for bacteria. You can also test surface areas, soil, antibiotics, and for carbohydrate fermentation.

Outstanding, award winning, fun projects.
Look at our free scifair ideas.
For individual use and classroom instruction.
Age 10 thru Adult.
image of PicoTurbine PV4 Wind Turbine Science Fair Projects Kit Build this easy to do renewable energy windmill with Vertical Wind Turbine & Solar Science Fair Project Kits.

Do prize winning hybrid solar energy & wind turbine experiments. Ages 10 thru college.

image of Hydro Wind Turbine Experiment Kit Teach it tricks for fun, easy, unique Hydro Wind Turbine Experiment Kit!

Use behavior modification and shaping psychology techniques. A great gift year round.
Image of Student's Science Fair ebook Get the Winning Edge with Super Science Fair Projects eBook.

Detailed, step-by-step, easy how-to format.


image of Sky-Z Plus Limitless Horizontal Wind Turbine Experiment KitHorizontal Wind Turbine & Solar Experiment Kits gives you the ability to do unlimited green energy experiments.

You can test up to 6 blades at a time.
Ages 9 thru College!
Image of Mimsy Mini Robotics Lab for Classrooms (20 labs)Are you a teacher or instructor in programming?

Program and experiment with the Mimsy Mini Robotics Lab for Classrooms (20 labs).


Image of Student Microscopes See discount prices for excellent quality monocular, binocular and stero Student Microscopes, Research, Homeschooling and Adult Microscopes too!.

Digital eyepiece accessories for TV and computer. Prepared slides. Ages 8 thru 80.
image of science fair display boards and headers Trifold Science Fair Project Display boards, headers, project titles, ribbons, certificates, buttons, trophies, medals and more...

New: Student's small order delivery to home packages.

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